Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I didn't promise that i would narrate how my enrollment went the other day, but since I am a person who easily gets bored, let's get this started.

I woke up at around 6 in the morning and after preparing myself for what is to come, me, mama, and ahya went to school. It was already past 8 when we arrived and we parked super far away from the seminary gym which forced us to walk from Albertus Magnus building to the Seminary Gym which was on the other side of UST. When i arrived, i cannot seem to find anyone I know! So i was a bit scared that everyone could have already enrolled leaving me all alone with a lot of students from Educ. Luckily, i saw my classmate Mike, aka Espia walking around looking lost so i called him, when he saw me he just greeted me and then went inside. Instead of following him, i went to the boards to see which PE was left. Sadly, it was Social Dancing which was the only one with the schedule that I want*. With that i took a paper from the guard and wrote the code for soc dance. Boo me. I also saw Joyce and she took the same thing. Yey for classmates.

I went inside the Seminary gym and saw lots of students holding a contract like thingy. Me and Joyce were a bit confused on what to do there so I went and asked a student from Educ what she was holding. She was nice enough to point us to where we can get ours. After getting our copies, I read the front page only to realize that this was the exact same thing from last year. Darn it. So instead of reading the back part, I signed the waiver and the pledge to some stuff that didn't interest me. After giving it to the lady and having it signed, me and joyce went inside to have everything else done.

Inside, i encoded for my PE and guess who encoded mine, it was my softball prof from last sem. So since we knew each other, we chatted and i asked him to be my prof but he said that he cannot since i might get tired of him. Oh well fiineee! so i went to the next computer and encoded for LTS. Fine I took LTS despite having kids around. Well since i'm a psych major, its applicable. So when i was about to leave the platform where the computers are, i saw Jhen and she was laughing at how i looked like when i said soc dance.

Then came the part where I have to line up. At this point, I asked God for guidance as I do the waiting game because i was concerned with my ma, and ahya since they were waiting for me. So i waited in the assessment of fees which was quick and then after my fees were assessed i was told to go to lane 12. So when i arrived, the line was loooonnnggg.... around 20 or more people are in front of me. Instead of being pissed off, i waited and waited. And here is the great part: I was going through the list of subjects and imagining what life would be with those kinds of subjects when suddenly the lady in front of me tapped me and told me to look front and the person who was behind the tables asked my what my credit card was. i saw the line of people looking at me and the people in front of me moved to the left. So i said, Citibank. When she heard me say Citibank, she told me to go in front of all the people. Wow talk about answered prayer. So I paid my tuition in full and I encoded my OR, then had my ID sticker replaced.

now, as I look back, it was a funny yet simple experience on how God worked in my enrollment. Haha! below is the final class schedule for second year this time with the PE

Ciao! :)


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