Monday, August 31, 2009

I wont cry

I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

I promised myself that I will be strong so that I can be able to smile once again

I promised myself that I will not tolerate any feelings.

I promised myself that I will not be hurt again.

I promised myself that I will forget about him.

But I broke those promises. I cried, I cant bring myself to smile, I tolerated the feelings, I'm hurting again

and worse: I still remember him...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Its already 9:30 pm and I'm still confused with ethics... must finish ethics before 10:30! go me! :D

10:08 finished until part 3 of Ethics, starting with Educational Psychology... o.o around 30 pages to read... :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Except for the weird jolibee burger feeling in my tummy, I guess I dont feel as sad as I did yesterday. Bipolar much. O.O Maybe I shouldn't take things too seriously. Me and my shallowness. o.o I wont let my "emoness" get the best of me today. I want to have a good day not an emo day. :)

Well for today I'm excited for the fellowship later. I hope I can make and cultivate new relationships with the new comers. :)I also hope that the invisible barrier will be destoyed. :P

It's weird that I dont have much to say these days. Oh well to play or not to play world of goo? :))

Oh wait before I leave my "non-existent" blog, I just wanna share this, yeah I have been playing country story, another playfish game. :) Yeeey Playfish! Although I stopped playing RC, for the time being. :P

Yeah title pretty says what is going through my mind. I dont wanna eat Jolibee at night anymore because last night I ate a burger but then the food seemingly dosent want to be digested in any way! So I'm like, "Okay I have to let the food digest properly" So I stayed up until 2am until the weird queasy feeling was gone. argh my tummy still feels weird right now. :O

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Only The Fairy Tale
Yuki Kajiura

Who are those little girls in pain
just trapped in castle of dark side of moon
Twelve of them shining bright in vain
like flowers that blossom just once in years
They're dancing in the shadow like whispers of love
just dreaming of a place where they're free as dove
They've never been allowed to love in this cursed cage
It's only the fairy tale they believe

The lyrics truly reflect what I feel. :|I'll never be allowed to love in the cursed cage called pain. =| Emo much again. Hay oh well, truth found out, back to reality.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Well I'm still here... it's been a while since school has been piling up on me again. Well for now, I'm taking a break from studying and I decided to blog quickly before I finish studying for the night.

Yey 10am prelims schedule. :D

Currently studying theories and statistics. What a challenging combination but of course there are worse combination HAHA!! :)) Oh well, i gotta go. Blog again on Thursday! :D must fix stuff must fix stuff! OC mode OC mode! Exam permit, Calculator, Mongol number 2, books, sanity, ballpen, TONS OF FAITH!