Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm still ALIVE!!! Wahoo! :D And there is around 20 hours before my next class oh boo!

Okay so since I became a bit "dead" since school has been bombarding my life, I guess its time for another update (since this is one of the rare moments when I dont have to study or anything... BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm so weevil!).

Okay so school. School is Yuck. HAHA kidding. School has been on going for 2 weeks despite the epidemic of Ah1n1 around the world. 5 colleges around the university were closed since there are cases of the epidemic. *Extra vacation for those people. Boo!* Anyways, let's see there is Medicine, Nursing, Rehab Sciences, Engineering, and Accountancy. Yeah no more sembreaks for those people! :))

Okay on with my college. Well school is pretty much normal. I was sick for the next two days after the first day of classes which was not a good thing. I practically missed a lot of things. Oh boo for that! Psych subjects are namely, BMA, Educ Psych, and Theories of Personality. Minor subjects this time are Chem Lec and lab, English, SCL, and Christian Ethics. Psych subjects are FUN! I personally like BMA and Theories of Personality better than Educ Psych. Haha maybe I'll like Educ Psych if Mam Cess was the prof. but Mam Joy is also a great prof. :) BMA means Behavior Measurement and Analysis 1, for short its Behavioral Statistics. Sir Ryan is our Prof and he makes learning fun. :)) ducks from classmate's angry protest then my fave of all: TOP!!! Mam Vargas is the BEST!!! Even if her tests are Identification type, Its fine with me! :) She makes learning interesting. HAHA I'm a fan of Sigmund Freud because of her. If I discover something, she will be the first one in my acknowledgments. :))

Then we have the minors. I'll start with English. The last subject every MWF class. The most boring subject ever!!! And the time is soooo boring. I mean sleepy head na ako sa class ni mam. And she never calls my name whenever I wanna recite. She must be paranoid for me getting sick. Ugh! Then we have Current Issues with RUS. RUS means Rural Urban Societies, which means we have to be always on the news watching whatever is happening. If that is possible. Ugh! Then there is Christian Ethics. I personally find the subject interesting. What i dont like is the rooms. The room assignment is super ugly that we often have a hard time coping with the class. Having Christian Ethics lectures in a physiology lab is not fun at all! =( Then there are the Chem subjects. Chem Lab is okay and it really looks interesting! :)) and we have 2 profs there. But then they are really good in what they are doing as in O_O. Then my fave among the minors is chem Lec. For some reason, my prof being a "pilosopo" makes chem more fun and him having a CREEPY resemblance to my Physics teacher during 4th year high school is weird but at the same time funny. Think making jokes when you are not certain whether you will laugh or not. :))

3rd week starting tomorrow. Luckily quiz in BMA was moved. I had no idea whatsoever at all! O_O



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