Saturday, June 6, 2009

I know, its not that often when I get to blog about my emotions. I mean if someone does read my "non-existent blog," they wont be that interested in this topic. I mean my blog is boring enough for some how much more my emotions. Gah. Anyways since no one practically reads this non-existent blog, better blog how this day became emotionally draining for me.

So a while ago was our YSC reunion, and wow the responsibility of the reunion was placed on our hands (our meaning me, Kutchi and Benj). At first it seemed like its impossible to really accomplish something like this. I mean Camp was already the biggest thing and reunion is like camp which is big also. The thought was already too much for someone like me. When the reunion started everything was fine, but when the games came, time was running out and the 3 of us wanted to keep in track of schedule. In the end all ended well, but something wasnt right with my emotional being. I felt depressed again for reasons the heart cannot comprehend.

I guess its the pain with love. Love seems to be out of reach for someone like me. haha oh well, like many say I'm too young for love. Fine I'll focus of studies once school comes. But maybe its better if we really are friends, I mean we see each other at church regularly and we are good friends. yeah friends, i guess that's all we'll ever be.

Because of the weight of love, which hurts the closer one gets,
When our chests were separated too far, I called it freedom

I guess letting go has been harder than I thought.


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