Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tuesday and Wednesday, the rains have come and poured and yet, I am amazed to see the resilience of my fellow countrymen. I see that no matter how life gets tough, the people do not simply give up. In my end, I do want to help out because I know that I have been blessed but there are still people in need and for me, it is one of those opportunities to serve other people. In serving others I find that there is a joy, not just any kind of joy but the joy which will remind you time and the effort you gave out to help these people will be worth the hardships.

It's a terrifying experience to see the area where you live in become flooded with rain water. I guess what is more scary is that you know for a fact that it never floods in your area. Once you see the waters starting to rise, one may realize the seriousness of the situation. The possibility of the waters going in your home is terrifying but how much more when the water goes up to the second floor. Now that is more scary. After the thyphoon Ondoy, we did not expect this kind of rain to happen ever again. But no, this is the second time this has happened and yet, it is a storm without a name. That is terrifying.

For me, I see that there are so many windows of opportunity and yet I feel so powerless as to help because of my duties at work. I know work must not be an excuse to help others but I must make use of my time productively, maybe on the weekend I might get opportunites to serve others.

Anyway, work will start soon. I do hope for a productive and a positive day ahead for everyone out there. For my fellow Filipinos, keep safe and dry.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello! It's really been a while. I really don't know if some people read this blog but who cares? I want to start blogging again.

Well, anyway, yes it has been quite a while and now, well.. I'm no longer a student but I'm a working girl. Some of my friends even resort to call me as "Makati Girl." Anyway, I currently work as a Temp for HR. Not really the best kind of job (since I have no benefits and all), but hey at least I'm learning new stuff on a daily basis. I love the work I do because it is related to what I have studied for the last 4 years in college. I do hope and pray for a possible full time position in the future.

I think this is all I can blog for now. I'll try to get some inspiration somewhere..