Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yeah like the title says, I'm using someone else's computer as of this moment. Well, I cant do anything since my laptop is defraging. I dunno what defrag means, maybe something to do with fragments. Ack! I dunno. But then like the usual me would say OH WELL! :) At least some of the emotional drain is gone. But i do feel a bit bad discouraging a friend of mine to take the same course as I am taking right now. *I should be encouraging my younger brothers and sisters in Christ but I discouraged them. ducks from flying tomatoes from the invisible audience

Well maybe its the after effect of being emotionally drained. Ugh! Oh well since I'm not that emotional anymore, I guess its on to lighter/ simpler things for now. :) despite the internet mysteriously missing from time to time, i had a short nap which were interrupted by a series of texts from Ruth. Haha! oh well she's the shobe I'm spoiling them. I tried to answer her questions as easily as possible haha she does text hard hitting questions, and I love her to bits for that. :)

My dad made me install a new program which is about cleaning the drive from all the excess unnecessary things. I did try the program on my laptop and woah, off goes 300+ mb of space in my laptop. Hopefully with that my laptop will function faster, and since defraging is going on I hope the laptop really functions to its full potential like it used to be. HAHA! =) tralalala! :)

Darn it the big day is less than 2 months. Luckily, my mom intervened and asked an old friend to help me with something I am super scared about. Its the ROSES!!! I'd better get started with this or else I could faint on the workload on this. Something tells me that July 26 will really be an interesting night.

*yawn! I shouldn't have slept a while ago! I would most probably turn into an insomniac tonight! Since Shobe is sick, she cant sleep in my room which leaves me to sleep all alone tonight. Darn it I'll be awake the whole night. If only I hadnt slept a while ago. Thank you Ruth for waking me up. :)

I'll try to blog back later. HAHA!! =)


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