Friday, March 30, 2007

All I can say is that I have well achieved in this school year because, I have studied a lot harder and since college is just another year away, I really have to start getting more and more serious. When I think about it, I really had my ups and downs during the school year. The worst is when I recieved a red mark in my chemistry during 2nd quarter. Yet even when I had felt the pain of not doing my very best, I promised myself that I would pass. I really wanted to pass not only for the sake of my future but also for God's glory. God has really been on my side even before I started my junior year. Well, God has entirely been on my side even when before I was born. I vowed myself that I will always do my best for God and God alone. Yesterday was our recognition day and I never thought about my card ever since. Well, maybe it was because of the DVBS that placed my mind off the card. I was not actually afraid of getting my card. I had felt a peace inside me and that I felt God was really there for me. Before I arrived at school, my mom told me that I had an award. When I arrived at school, the first thing that greeted me was the wind which was a pleasant surprise since the weather was so hot. The first sight that greeted me was my classmates then the next sight that greeted me was a dead bird. Luckily, it did'nt smell. When we were already at the community hall and the program started, I was just checking my inbox when suddenly I heard a person recieved a lot of awards, I was so shocked that when I looked up, the person recieving the award was no other than one of my church shotis. Then afterwards, I saw other students recieve their awards when I also saw some of my other shotis and shobes(not biologically) recieve their awards. Boy, was I proud they were my shotis and shobes. When our year level was called, I was not really excited about it since I was thinking more about my card. When it was our time to line up, me and my classmates were told that we should always smile, say thank you, take one step forward, bow, and still smile. Well i was able to look presentable in front of the students, teachers and the parents. When I took my seat the first thing I really checked was my card. I passed my junior year with good grades and Iam not going to take summer classes!!! I was like screaming on the inside but behaved on the outside. Think about irony. Then we were about to line up once again to get our service awards. Given the same instructions once more, we did the same thing. When I was about to go home, I really felt God's prescence with me. I felt like this school year was a battle, and I know deep down it was God's battle and I know that we won this battle!

This week has been a blast! I really enjoyed helping out in DVBS this year. The theme for this year is "Trading places" in which we taught students what it's like to trade places with someone you don't know. This year I'm assigned to the Kinder 2 students. I really love those kids because they were so willing to listen and learn and they are so cute and adorable!
I really enjoyed helping in songleading the preschoolers during assembly time because, I would get to see everyone from toddlers to kinder 2. Some of them would really imitate what the actions are. And when we have to shake our booty, they would also do the same thing. Cute!
I have the chance of teaching bible verses to the little kids and they really want it to be more and more challenging. They can really take on a challenge. They would sometimes want me to just erase the whole verse and when I did, they were like yay!
Last wednesday, we had a surprise for the whole community, we had a musical with the crusaders choir. I was with our Youth Drama Team. We did the acting while the choir did the singing and we have a guest actor! Cammi!!! Yes we had a camelion in our midst. Not to worry it's just a mascot but I'm not telling anyone who is in it. Well, I played one of the lead roles, Emma. My character was like I'm a girl who went an around the world tour visiting other children for Christ. In the play, it mainly talked about the bible stories we learned (and taught) to the kids. I really did my part well and at the end, my students went up to the stage to congratulate me. Most of the people said I really did a good job acting. Even the camelion said I was so good. I could'nt have done it without God on my side! God really helped me even though I was nervous. To God be the glory!
Tomorrow will be our last day of DVBS and the start of Pre-con! I'm sure the guys in the mascot will happily put away their costume after tomorrow! I'm sure gonna miss leading the kids in singing praises to God. I will also miss especially my cute and adorable students! They were so attentive in listening as I taught them bible verses Awww...
Most importantly, I will really miss the kid's happy smiles. I thank God for the opportunity He gave me. I also want to thank Him for being there for me during the musical. I want to thank Him for giving me even the time to just make the decorations for the kids. :D

Thursday, March 29, 2007

First Blog

Well, this is my first time to try blogger, and since my xanga does not work for now, I decided to try blogger.

I really dont have much to say for this post.