Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~ Espana gate

~ Anywhere in the carkpark building

~ more than 3 XD

~ Main Building.

~ From time to time :D

~ Oo.


~ sa PE meron

~ no. why should I?

~ sows...

~ Hindi

~ I make sure that I will never ever be late in class :D

~ Oo, some do some dont

~ nooo... in room 325 the ac unit is broken but in room 329 the ac unit is very healthy and it makes you freeze to death

~ library

~ yeah too bad the trees had to be cut down.

~ no...

DL (dean's lister) ka ba?

~Its too small for me

~ Uh no.. by 2011, I would be a junior already so why go somewhere else?

~ Uh not really, the tuition last sem was the one that overwhelmed me.

5 Days!!!

Sooo... how has my sem break been now that I only have around 5 days before school starts? Well, its okay. And my cousin being here makes days less boring. And with her around i try to find something different rather than mope around the computer. Actually this week started rather productively coz I didnt spend as much time as i normally do in front of the laptop. Hehe. :D And the picture above is when we saw Kuya Perfy's Lab gown Haha we loved the tiger design and then poof picture picture XD

Well I wasnt bale to finish reading Wuthering Heights. T_T But I finished 2 books yesterday. One was entitled The Rescue, and the othr one is entitled The Drifter. And I absolutely loved those books! Must buy more fro Christmas and summer vacation hehehe... :D must go to OMF and buy more books! haha anyways let me get on with other things before I make plans to rush to the bookstore and buy more books and waste all ther money I have.

Enrollment is actually over. I just enrolled last Monday but I was never able to tell what happened. Oh and to those who might pass by and read this I don't intend to hurt anyone. Okay? :D

Enrollemnt started last Monday and being one of those who are "safe" I went there quite early to make sure that i would be able to enroll early and head home early. So, I went to uste with my mom and the instructions said to proceed to the main building and see if your name is on the bulletin board. So i checked my name and to my surprise, there were only 19 of us who actually passed everything. And there are around 46 of us and no we are only 19 regular (or should I say the safe) students. My mom was also surprised because the other sections were around more than 30 so why are we so few. Well its obvious who is the one responsible. But moving on, then I proceeded to the seminary gym to find my classmates waiting and looking at the PE boards. Of course I was thinking of a PE this whole time and finally I manged to choose a PE and that is Softball. *insert gasping sounds* So after enrollment, i went to the sticker table and had the second sem sticker placed on my ID. So next sem I will still be a regular student.

And with 5 days, I have to make my sembreak more meaningful. But on the bright side, we will have a get together with our Org tomorrow! Yehey! Now I can get out of the house again. And I feel really sad that the outing with my highschool friends on friday will not push through. :(

Friday, October 24, 2008

in just a few more days, it will be time to enroll once again in school. I'm in a state of mixed emotions and I think my Limbic system has something to do with this. I feel happy because I don't have any deficiencies with any of my subjects. Not only that, I dont have to worry a lot for now. My only problem is i still don't know what PE to take next semester. I'm thinking: soft ball, Arnis, or Volleyball. Wah! I still have no idea what PE to choose! :( I still am undecided. Janelle wants me track and field, my parents wants me to take social dancing but SOCIAL DANCING?! Wont that be embarassing? Haiz. Oh Well Maybe I will take up social dancing. But I really wanna take something that I still don't know. Hmmmm..... I must pray for it. I only have 3 days left before I finally decide.

I hope second sem would be better than the first sem. I expect that we will no longer stay in room 325. The AC unit there is broken and i hate it. The heat would sometimes mix with the mood of the professor and makes the whole class almost unbearable. Then along with an unbearable class our moods are already sour and dampened. Haiz I really don't know what Pe to choose. :(

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



Yeah I passed! Enough of the hyperactivity! I will narrate of how yesterday occurred!
Last Thursday, my classmate Myca texted me that the grades are already posted! And when I received that text message a chill suddenly went down my spine. I was scared of my professors! I was only at their mercy!

So the next day comes. I had my quiet time in the morning and I prayed to God that He will give me a heart that will accept whatever grade I receive. Then after breakfast, me and mama went to uste. But there was something that was happening and we were asked to enter through another direction. Then my mom waited for me outside while I went into the main building. At first, i went into the third floor then there was no one and i inquired at the dean's office where the grades are posted. And they said i have to go to the second floor. Okay.... it was 9:45 at that time. And I was in line. Then a girl came and asked me about myself since she had no one to talk to. And so we introduced ourselves and then my mom started to text me but the thing was, the line was way too long. And i saw some of my hs classmates while waiting in line. Suddenly my friend left and went somewhere with her mom. And i waited still and waited, wuntil she came back with a pack of cerealicious for me. It was way too embarassing but i was hungry. So after eating, we waited again until it was 2:20 when we finally reached the computer. It was hot, I was tired and I was becoming more nervous by each passing moment.
So when it was my turn (finally!) my hands started to feel shaky and it took me a while to type in my student number and my birthdate. Then the screen came and i can see the link to "my grades" then i saw the part on the side which said 1st year 1st semester ay 2008-2009. I clicked it and i waited then i scanned everything quicky and guess what! I passed all of my subjects!

Not a grade of 5!
Praise God!






College Survey XD
1. San building mo?
►Main Building.

2. Course mo?
►B.S Psycho ay mali... BS Psychology

3. Center of excellence ba yun?
►BS Bio lang alam ko sa science eh XD

4. Nakagulong ka na ba sa main field?
►Hm... never did. sounds like fun :D

5. Anong masasabi mo sa bagong fountain sa USTe?
►Looks Ancient haha

6. Nakapasok ka na ba sa Graduate School?
►Not yet!

7. Napuntahan mo na ba lahat ng sections sa Central Library?
►Planning to.

8. Nakapag-internet ka na ba sa Central Lib?

9. Nag-friendster ka?
►Never did. XP

10. Nakakain ka na ba sa lahat ng kainan sa Carpark?

11. Bakit ka kumakain sa Carpark?
►nearest to the building

12. Kumakain ka rin ba sa may Dapitan?
►never did. phobias XD

13. Sinong paborito mong prof mo?
►Ma'am Roan tsaka Ma'am Glody tsaka Sir Noli!!! :))

14. Paboritong subject?
►PE!!! :))

15. Maka-Growling Tigers ka ba?
►uhm... pass?

16. Nameet mo na ba yung players ng USTe?

17. Naka-akyat ka na ba sa isa sa mga puno sa Botanical Garden?
► hnde ba bibigay yung puno?

18. Nakapagsimba ka na ba sa simbahan dun?
►from time to time although forced most of the time

19. student number mo?
► this questionnaire is a stalker!!!!! XD

20. Saan ka nag test ng USTET?

21. Mahirap ba USTET?
►I dreaded ACET more XD

22. Anung org mo?
►Psych Soc tsaka PURE

23. Nagkaroon na ba ng kuwenta sayo yung UST Health Services?

24. Nagpupunta ka ba sa Tinoco Park?
►Where is that?

25. Naranasan mo na bang magpractice ng kahit ano sa grandstand?
►no... too many people XD

26. Alam mo ba yung Research Complex?

27. Naholdap ka na ba kahit saan around USTe?
►Hindi pa.

28. E nanakawan?
►Hindi pa rin.

29. Anung pinakaayaw mong lugar sa USTe?
►lover's lane. i seem to be irritated by that place

31. Sa tingin mo marami bang konyo sa USTe?
► what is a konyo?

32. Sa tingin mo bakit tigers ang USTe?
►Dunno... i remember reading that before

33. Di ba orange ang tigers, bakit yellow tayo?
►Eh gusto ng uste yellow eh. XD

34. Excited ka ba sa 400th year ng USTe?
►Not really maybe by 2010

35. Ilang units ka this sem?

36. Anung pinakamadali mong subject last sem and this sem?
►English. :)

37. E pinakamahirap?


38. Bakit ka nag aral sa USTe?
►It was my choice duh!

39. Kabisado mo na ba yung UST Hymn?

40. E yung mission and vision?

41. Anung tingin mo sa mga guard sa USTe?

42. Anung masasabi mo sa uniform policy?
►It saves money from buying clothes especially when big books suck up your money

43. Ano naman masasabi mo sa uniform nyo?

►Could be better :P

44. Mahal mo ba USTe?
► i think. do I?!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Its one of these days, the days when something weird happens and there is nothing to do. But maybe later, I will read zoology, SA, Psy101, and filipino. I have to give my best in these subjects. There is no way I wanna fail another quiz in those subjects. Oh and add all the other subjects but the ones I stated are the hard ones which require tons of effort. Moral: If i really wanna pass BS Psychology in UST, I should give more effort than what I already am giving. I also have to do my best in school and getting on the good side of my professors. I just dont know how my blockmates do it! I think that they are born for the course. While me, bah! am still suffering from zoological trauma. I just dont know how i can memorize! I still dont know what is the effective study strategy for me. And although i still have these kinds of problems, I want to do my best, my very best for god even if it means sleepless nights, tears, blood, sweat, coffee, you get the idea. But I made a choice that if I will do my best, I chose to start my study time with God. He gave me the decisions so I have to take responsibility for my actions. And I really want to pass in BS Psychology. I wanna do my best! I dont wanna be a lazy person. Having said that... see yah!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

So college so far... well since its one of those rare days that we got nothing to do. *Yey for those days! ^_^* This week went by quickly, and at first i felt like its a Monday but no! Today is a Thursday already and then by tomorrow it will be Friday and then it will be a Saturday *W/c means another high school reunion! yey!* So what else... on Saturday i will see my friends at PE. *note: bring a camera!* And then we will have another birthday! Bon-bon's 18th! *Gar! I just remembered another practical test this Saturday! boohoo so sorry to my group mates in advance i suck!!!* On Monday no SA and Zoo again and no math at last!!!!! wahahah! We will be having our assembly on Monday so from 7-5 shucks! too long!!! :(

I always see some of my old schoolmates once in a while at school. Seeing them makes me feel happy coz i know that I am not alone. And seeing them makes the separation less painful. I normally see my batch mates once in a while but talking to them for a long time can be hard since we have different schedules. And yes, i can still see some of the older batch mates, and they had gotten taller and i feel shorter. So sad.. i know... live with it.

And i like my subjects but i hate the tests. Those are way too hard! :(

Monday, July 7, 2008

Haha so I copy pasted this from:

So this is about someone we read from class this morning. His story really caught my attention. But then it was morning so there goes my breakfast. haha anyways... here's his story... and if you wanna see what his skull looks like just google it. haha (1Psy3 alam niyo to diba?! XD there goes our breakfast! wahahahaha!!!!)

Phineas Gage's Brain Injury

Written by Alan Bellows on September 28th, 2006 at 12:19 am

In 1848, a twenty-five-year-old construction foreman named Phineas Gage won nationwide fame by way of a hole in his head. While working on a railroad project in Vermont, he experienced a severe brain injury when a three-foot-long, fourteen pound tamping iron was violently propelled through his skull. Astonishingly, he lived to tell about it.

At the time of the accident, one of Gage's duties was to set explosive charges to remove unwanted sections of large rocks. Typically, a long, narrow hole was drilled into the rock which was then filled with gunpowder and ignited. Before lighting the fuse, the hole was topped off with sand, and a three-foot-long, 1.25" diameter iron tamping rod was used to pack down the gunpowder. However on 13 September 1848, Gage was distracted momentarily while in the process of preparing a blast, and he neglected to add the protective barrier of sand. When he thrust the iron tamper into the hole in the rock, it created a spark, and the gunpowder was ignited.

The resulting explosion propelled the fourteen pound iron rod straight into the air with the force of a cannon, causing it to pass through Gage's skull in the process. It entered through the bottom of his left cheekbone and exited through the top of his head, then continued to fly in an arc across the sky, landing almost 100 feet behind him.

The unscheduled explosion got the attention of his fellow railroad workers, who rushed over to see if there was a problem. What they found was Phineas Gage slumped on the ground with a hole through his skull. Amazingly, the man was still alive and breathing. Even more amazingly, within moments his eyes were open and he was speaking to his fellow workers. The injured Gage was quickly loaded into a cart, and transported back to his boarding house, some 45 minutes away.

When Dr. John Martyn Harlow arrived, Phineas was conscious and had a regular heartbeat, and both of his pupils reacted to light normally. He was reported to be "in full possession of his reason, and free from pain." He was under the care of Dr. Harlow for ten weeks, at which point he was sent home to Lebanon, New Hampshire. But while he was recovering, the doctor noted some changes in the man's demeanor and personality. People who had known him before the accident described him as hard-working, responsible, and popular with his workers, but after the traumatic injury, Phineas Gage was not the same man.

In regards to his patient, Dr. Harlow wrote:
Gage was fitful, irreverent, indulging at times in the grossest profanity (which was not previously his custom), manifesting but little deference for his fellows, impatient of restraint or advice when it conflicts with his desires, at times pertinaciously obstinate, yet capricious and vacillating, devising many plans of future operations, which are no sooner arranged than they are abandoned in turn for others appearing more feasible. A child in his intellectual capacity and manifestations, he has the animal passions of a strong man. Previous to his injury, although untrained in the schools, he possessed a well-balanced mind, and was looked upon by those who knew him as a shrewd, smart businessman, very energetic and persistent in executing all his plans of operation. In this regard his mind was radically changed, so decidedly that his friends and acquaintances said he was 'no longer Gage'.

Several months after the accident Gage felt strong enough to return to work, yet due to his personality changes, his previous employers would not entrust him with the foreman position he had previously held. In the following years, he took various jobs caring for horses, driving stagecoaches, and doing some farm work. He also briefly appeared at a museum in New York which was curated by the infamous P. T. Barnum, alongside the tamping iron which had impaled his brain.

Not much is known about his years after the injury, but eleven years after the accident, when he was aged thirty-seven years, Gage began to experience epileptic seizures. He died several months later, on 21 May 1860. His brain was not subjected to any medical examination at that time, but seven years later his body was exhumed so that his skull might be studied. It has since been subjected to much scrutiny.

It was determined that damage occurred to Gage's skull in three places: There is a relatively small area under the cheek bone where the tamping iron first impacted, the orbital bone behind the eye socket, and very large hole where the iron rod emerged. The bone fragments over the exit wound were very skillfully put back in place by Dr. Harlow– so much so that it was hardly visible from outside the skull– but the original hole was about three and a half inches long by two inches wide.

There is still some controversy over the extent of damage to Phineas' brain. It is certain that it passed through the anterior frontal cortex and white matter, but it has not been determined with certainty whether the lesion involved both frontal lobes or was limited only to the left side. In any case, the damage caused by the accident was roughly equivalent to a frontal lobotomy.

Today, Gage's skull and the tamping rod which damaged it are on permanent display at Harvard’s Countway Library of Medicine. The incident did much to advance the field of neurology, as it was among the first evidence suggesting that damage to the frontal lobes could alter aspects of personality and affect social skills. Before Gage's brain injury, the frontal lobes were largely thought to have little role in behavior.

Further reading:
Description of damage, School of Psychology Deakin University
High-res image of Phineas Gage's skull
Alan Bellows is the founder, designer, and managing editor of, and he is perpetually behind schedule.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Don't we just love to blame others? For example *in the cases of many girls haha* I blame HIM for my pain. *or in the cases of guys* I blame HER for being so unpredictable. *and for the nerds* I blame the TV for distracting me!

Haha so whatever we try to blame its useless coz its already in the past. So why blame something that will never happen in the present nor in the future. Best we could do is to be the best we can be so that we will not commit the same mistakes in the future.

My point: stop playing the blame game especially if you know that you are at fault. :)

My other point: I'm bored! XD

Didn't expect that didn't you? :)

Oh well school tomorrow again. Org enlistment tomorrow. What org will I join?

SECRET!!!! haha you'll find out soon enough :P

But seriously, dont blame anyone for the mistakes you had in the past. Nothing can change that. ^_^ I feel honored to have wasted your time XD haha just kidding! XD

Saturday, June 28, 2008

As of today

As of today, I'm missing my high school friends. I really do. Well I really have to thank Janelle for organizing the event. It's gonna be her birthday on Monday and she's turning 17! *insert background music: I am 16 going on 17* Whoo! Time flies so quickly that I have to take a sit to absorb everything all in! And soon enough I will be the one turning 17! But then I am really happy that me and my high school classmates get to bond especially when the school load gets bigger, we wont have much time to spend with each other. Its so sad. Well its also a good thing that we still manage to stick with each other and have communication through YM and texting. And sometimes seeing each other in our respective schools helps the separation less painful since some of us are seeing each other. And yes, I am still continuing to pray for my batch mates' salvation. Its really hard and they could easily get swayed especially with the influences around them. So that's it for now!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Arrived at singapore by 2:30- 3pm
meet up with achi teph, ahya timmy, and her aunt
went with achi teph and ahya timmy to Heart of God church
had a blast at church (love the praise and worship there! just like a concert!)
met new friends
ate dinner with achi teph, achi danica, achi sarah, ahya glenn(tama ba? haha sorry!), and with my siblings (thanks guys! I really feel at home at your church thanks for the treat also)
went back to the hotel(had taiwanese buko before going back to the hotel haha yummy and so small)

met up with my cousin but then she didn't stay with us for a long time
went around the city
supposed to go to the Merlion but then it was way too hot and too many people there
went to Esplanade Mall
rode the MRT going to Boon Lay
went to Singapore Discovery Center
watched Sharks 3d and Everest at the science center
had fun with the exhibits (hands on)
saw 3 dancing robots (cute!!!)
went to SAFTI through the bus tour
went back to Bugis (via MRT)
had dinner near the hotel
had ice cream wafers there(yummy!)
back to the hotel

met up with my cousin at the MRT station
went to Harbourfront station and bought tickets going to Sentosa
(Ahya glenn is right about Sentosa- one big hole for a casino haha!)
Went to Imbiah Lookout
Me, ahya, and papa -> Luge and sky ride
Shobe, mama, and my cousin -> butterfly kingdom
Watched Sentosa 4d Magix
Went to Palawan beach (also in Sentosa)
Had lunch there
Walked around, picture picture
Watched the bird show by 2:30
walked some more
took more pictures esp at the big merlion
went to a mall to have dinner (forgot the name)
went back to the hotel

met up with my cousin again
went to Singapore zoo
met another Filipino family going there
met a family from Holland
took many of pictures with the animals there
had lunch there
uber cute animals! XD
watched splash safari (although it rained)
took a bus back to the mall
went around the mall
took a bus back to Bugis
browsed some souvenirs
had dinner with my cousin and her fiance
went back to the hotel
Joyce tsi, achi teph and her aunt dropped by to say goodbye.
packed our stuff

woke up at 3 am
had breakfast by 3:45am
went to the airport by 4am
explored around the airport
left singapore by 6:30 am
arrived back at Manila at before 10am

so there you have it my "brief" summary about the trip in Singapore.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This is a part of Sara Ann Zinn's Graduation Speech at Crook Country Christian School.

As Graduating Seniors we are faced with choices. Now is the time that we who were once children begin making decisions as adults. The solid Foundation of our Christian education and the forming of our beliefs and our character by this school and our families have prepared us for the journey ahead.

The road is long, and the journey is rough
At times it seems hard to find strength enough.
But through it all, the ups and downs
We learn to smile despite the frowns.
We learn to share our joy and pain,
To share without expecting gain.
We learn to give a helping hand
And know how to lean when we can't stand.
We learn the difference between right and wrong
To stand for right, and always stand strong.
Though this road is hard and seems so long
Its how we find where we belong;
Because it's only through life's bends and turns
That we can truly grow and truly learn.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


High school is nearing its end so I decided to take a high school survey to have an overview of my highschool years before I graduate. Aw. This will be sad! T_T

1. Anong section(s) mo nung High School ka?
♥ 7-justice, 8-Equality, 9-Nobility, 10-Service

2. Advisers?
♥ Ms. Ordinario, Mr. Ramos, Mrs. Salabe, Ms. Duhaylungsod, Mrs. Sun, Mrs. Shen

3. Anong club/org mo?
♥ JCA Praise and worship (7,8,9,10), JCA Minstrels (10)

4. Pinakamahirap mong Subject?
♥ math- GEOM!!!! XD

5. Pinakagusto mong teacher?
♥ probbably ms. O, ironic since she is a math teacher wahaha

6. Student Number mo?
♥ somewhere in the ID

7. Class Number mo?
♥ 18(gr7), 19(gr8), 18(gr9), 17(gr10)

8. Pinakahuli mong ginawang katarantaduhan:
♥ ahem! nung pinagusapan namen tungkol dun sa fil class. Like ms debbie said: kung may nagmura sau, tanungin mo kung ano ibig sabihin ng mura

9. Eh magbisyo sa CR?
♥ is taking pictures there included?

10. Naghihilamos ka ba sa CR?
♥ yah

11. Anong paborito mong tambayan?
♥ library (ang saya magbasa tska minsan pwd na gumawa ng assignments- NERD? hnde naman eh)

12. Maganda ba Grad Song ninyo?
♥ they are still working on it

13. May nakaaway / nakapagsapakan ka na ba?
♥ there are some but i guess not to the point where someone gets hurt

14. Sino?
♥ i prefer not to mention any names

15. Nag-vandal ka na ba? Anong ginawa mo?
♥ nope... never did

16. Ilang taon ka nag-aral sa HS?
♥ 4 years...

17. Sa canteen ka ba naglulunch o sa classroom?
♥ canteen

18. Anong kulay ng uniform ng teachers mo kapag Friday?
♥ blue one

19. How was the Prom?
♥ no comment as of now

20. Sino last dance mo nung prom?
♥ uhm.... errrrr

21. What do you do after school?
♥ quiet time, study, sleep

22. Ever cried in front of class?
♥ yup

23. Did you bring your cellphone to school?
♥ yup

24. Did you login sa Friendster kapag nasa Comp Lab?
♥ friendster, multiply, xanga, blogger, youtube... hahaha yes

25. May mga experiment papers ba kayo dun?
♥ san?

26. Sino palaging nagdadala ng food sa inyo?
♥ Vin-Elle

27.Anu-ano naman mga dinadala mo?
♥ candy

28. Kanino ka humihiram ng notes?
♥ ahem! classmates ko humihiram ng notes ko

29. Eh Calcu?
♥wala noh
30. Sino ultimate crush mo?
♥wala studying is more essential

Friday, January 18, 2008

Well, it has not been the first time that I asked this question. Its just that I miss him so. I know that I dont need to tell who I am missing. I miss him. I really do. Its just that I cannot let him out of my mind. Every once in a while, I would think of him, and how much I am missing him.

I wanted to say goodbye but there is something which keeps on holding me back from finishing everything else. I miss him yet I know that this will be one thing that he will never ever know.

Now that time may have turned the tables the question is will I ever see him again? If so will he still be my friend?

Only time will tell

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hey! Here is a list on what will happen to me and the events that will occur within my last 2 months stay in Jubilee.

Here goes!

1. next week we will be having our field trip. Field trips should be fun and far from school not near it as in half hour from school!
2. Thanksgiving services. We will have thanksgiving services for the foundation day. From the things that I see in school, I'm guessing Dr. John Tse will be the speaker for such events.
3. Foundation day fair. We will be singing Lupang Hinirang and then i will quickly zoom off somewhere else to hide and take pictures. haha Goal for that day: videotape the dance and place it on youtube.
4. New years and celebrations: the week after the foundation day fair, we will have 1 half day and 2 consecutive days without classes. What's the word? oh yeah... Whooooppppeeee!!!!!
5. JS turnover: what will happen? Well I dunno. Hopefully it will be just as fun as last year's XD
6. exams: my last exams in highschool. Time has really passed by quickly!Next thing you know we are all graduating!
7. graduation: the last chapter of my high school life. Will there be an epilogue?
8. graduation ball: is this the epilogue that I wanted? We have to wait til we find out! But I have no date...

So that's the whole list of the last events that will happen before I start a new chapter in life named college.8 more chapters of high school then its time to say goodbye. Aww... I wish that I will have a little bit of romance before I graduate. Who will be the guy? I dont know maybe even no guy at all.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Yep the image says it all! I am a Lasallista! Go Archers!!! Its sad I didn't pass Ateneo, nor UP. At least I already have one school though. Since graduation is just a mere months away, I can do at least a handful of things.

1. I Will pray and pray and pray for a miracle in UST! I really want to pass psychology! If not then I have no choice but to shift in DLSU.
2. Continue to do my best in the remaining high school years! Time does fly fast and I can testify about that!Especially when I have a warning letter from math and science.
3. Live out my Christian light as much as possible in high school. I want to shine for God to my classmates who are dear to me and who are like my siblings.
4. Enjoy the rest of my time as a member of Teen's Fellowship. Last 2 fellowship meetings and I will be youth next month!
5. Keep on praying for the salvation of my classmates! They need it in college.
6. Finish all the novels the school wants us to read (daluyong and great expectations).
7. Make a lasting impact on my high school teachers! Let them remember me as the student who made a difference!
8. Enjoy high school life! Enjoy Minstrels!

1. By March, I should have made my final decision on which university should I go. (Either DLSU or UST- byebye UP and Ateneo)
2. Before my final quarter exams, I should feel at ease when I take my final quarter exams. In other words: have good grades!
3. Our plans to go to Fontana should be final by the end of January!
4. I should not be worrying about my duties as GS officer by March.
5. My relationship with God should be stronger than as of now.
6. I should have a class pic of minstrels! before the last meeting which means- BRING A CAMERA!!! XD

For me Jubilee is:
1. My 2nd home
2. The one I should thank because they brought me to God.
3. The school I will never forget
4. The place where I learned that I can be a leader
5. The place where I can sing freely to God all the time.