Monday, June 8, 2009

I cannot believe that its almost 4pm. And worse, I cannot believe that I slept from 1pm-3pm! Darn it! First of all I dont wanna sleep in the afternoon no matter how lazy/ bummed I get! It causes me bigger problems in my daily routine!

There is one big problem which bring other sub problems with it: INSOMNIA! If I sleep in the afternoon, I find it hard to sleep at night. Period.

The sub problem that goes with it is: since I cannot bring myself to sleep easily tonight, what must I do? It's called boredom at night. I dunno what to do tonight since my sister is sick and still cant sleep in my room (cross out the late night talks). I also find reading too boring at those times (reading psych books just to finish a report at 2am is a major head ache) even if those are not psych books! Running the computer on a late basis isn't good for it especially since it has recently undergone defraging, and obviously, not everyone I chat with stays during late hours.

Oh darn it what am I supposed to do now?


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