Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whoo 3 updates for the merry month of May! Yeah! anyways, enrollment will be on June 1 and ahya just enrolled this morning. He's gonna be taking up LTS, and his PE is Table tennis (and my mind screamed: the prof there curses!*), but knowing what his PE was gives me a problem with PE schedules to choose. I hope there is still room for even handbell... Please! :) I also plan to have my Pe class during Fridays, so that it will be for my advantage. 9am PE's please!**

On the other hand, its official! The class schedule i posted before is FINAL! Here is an updated version by my classmate Dan.

Yeah it sucks, especially the fact that i have night classes. Oh boo to that! Will make another one by June with the PE.

On the other side, where i freely choose to forget about school, another thing pops up into my mind. We will be having a inter-Sunday School competition by which we will have to compete with other students in different classes. I'm kinda nervous and I have decided to start studying seriously only this afternoon but then the problem is that i'm still lazy to a certain point. Tomorrow, I will definitely study! :D

Lastly there is Restaurant city, a small App that has taken the whole Facebook community by storm. lots of pics here! yey! anyway, yeah since the April post, I have been hooked with Restaurant city and to be honest, i dont know how i got hooked, someone just forced me to play and now, wheeee!!! I'm nearing level 22! :D Go me Go me! :D The gameplay is like sims, you have to take care of your employees for them to work at their best. Then you have to upgrade your ingredients so that earning GP (gourmet points) will be easier and faster. You can also change the decorations to make the restaurant that can match your personality. Below is what my restaurant looks on the outside. =)

and here is what it looks on the inside:

and here is a zoomed version of some of the employees who work. the person who had me hooked is there! Find that person!

and last bout not the least, the cute vendor!!! HAHA!!! He may be cute but his products are too expensive!!!! =))

Okay so i think I'll stop here for now. Nytie and Tata! :D

*as to what some people have told me
**since classes start at 2pm and there is no use going home after PE (mom doesn't want me to spend money going back and forth to school -oh well)


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