Thursday, June 7, 2007

1) If you got to pick, what color would you want your eyes? blue-violet
2) Name one trait about yourself. cheerful
3) What song is in your head currently? Free by Hillsong United
4) Which foot do you kick a ball with? right
5) Name one pet peeve you have. cellphone
6) What, no matter what mood your in, automatically makes you happy? a text7) What's one thing other people always tell you? ang kulet mo8) Who do you talk with more, your dad or your mom? mom9) What do you do to take out your anger? punch pillows or the wall10) Is there anything hanging up on your walls? (Is so, what?): pictures
11) What do you wish you were doing right now? texting a friend12) There is a song that reminds you of someone, isn't there? What song is that? Break Away13) Do you wish you were older, younger, or are you happy with your age currently? well yah
14) You are currently craving for what food? chocolate
15) Have you ever watched a movie/TV show and was suprised because one of the characters seriously reminded you of yourself? nope
16) What character and from what TV SHOW/ Movie?:Spongebob
17)Name one food you loathe. Pork Fat
18) What color are your eyes and hair? dark
19) Interlock your fingers. Which thumb is on top? left
20) What is your favorite time of day? night time... sleeping
21) Do you have any mixed laterality in you? (favoring opposites of the body, such as right-handed but left-eyed)a what!?
22) Do you like thunder? yeah!!!
23) Describe your hair at the moment. magulo
24) Do you have your own computer? no... sana
25) Which hand do you wear your wristwatch on? left
26) How is your day so far? so bad... 1st day of classes