Monday, June 29, 2009

And I am not making any effort to study at all. Darn it! I'm lazy again these days. I should not be lazy for many reasons. Its obvious that if I don't study, I end up as a bum. *Bumming is not good at all!

Anyways, I posted a lot of pictures in facebook and multiply, for some reason is getting slower as time passes especially when it comes to posting pictures. Waaa!

Okay so am being random again: Doing the 25 random things about me survey :))
1. I should be studying BMA right now.
2. I like the song One Winged Angel
3. I need to breathe!
4. I like my new blogger template.
5. I plurk daily so that my karma points will go up.
6. First subject for the day is Current Issues with Rural-Urban Societies
7. Note: Print the pictures!!! :D
8. ARGH!!! Its this Saturday already!!! O_O
9. I have to present the Promo this Saturday.
10. I wanna play Ultimate Frisbee! :)
11. Suddenly, I have a craving for Doughnuts :))
12. 27 Days to go. :/
13. I like Theories of Personality
14. I hate English class
15. I am so HAPPY that I dont have Filipino anymore!!! :))
16. I recall that we had the highest score in our Filipino Paper. :)) *Proud!*
17. I Like Chem Lab
18. My Prof in chem lec has a weird Resemblance to my Physics teacher
19. Because of the weight of love, which hurts the closer the other gets, when our hearts were separated, that is when I call it freedom.
20. New Lanyards and Name Plates Baby! :D
21. It feels weird having no one to talk to
22. I will definitely be tired tonight
23. Waaa we will have a chem lab quiz tomorrow!
24. Can't I just sleep again!? :))
25. Its weird that I am still alive after weeks from school. *Stressed!*


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