Thursday, July 10, 2008

College so far....

So college so far... well since its one of those rare days that we got nothing to do. *Yey for those days! ^_^* This week went by quickly, and at first i felt like its a Monday but no! Today is a Thursday already and then by tomorrow it will be Friday and then it will be a Saturday *W/c means another high school reunion! yey!* So what else... on Saturday i will see my friends at PE. *note: bring a camera!* And then we will have another birthday! Bon-bon's 18th! *Gar! I just remembered another practical test this Saturday! boohoo so sorry to my group mates in advance i suck!!!* On Monday no SA and Zoo again and no math at last!!!!! wahahah! We will be having our assembly on Monday so from 7-5 shucks! too long!!! :(

I always see some of my old schoolmates once in a while at school. Seeing them makes me feel happy coz i know that I am not alone. And seeing them makes the separation less painful. I normally see my batch mates once in a while but talking to them for a long time can be hard since we have different schedules. And yes, i can still see some of the older batch mates, and they had gotten taller and i feel shorter. So sad.. i know... live with it.

And i like my subjects but i hate the tests. Those are way too hard! :(


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