Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Less than 2 months

Hey! Here is a list on what will happen to me and the events that will occur within my last 2 months stay in Jubilee.

Here goes!

1. next week we will be having our field trip. Field trips should be fun and far from school not near it as in half hour from school!
2. Thanksgiving services. We will have thanksgiving services for the foundation day. From the things that I see in school, I'm guessing Dr. John Tse will be the speaker for such events.
3. Foundation day fair. We will be singing Lupang Hinirang and then i will quickly zoom off somewhere else to hide and take pictures. haha Goal for that day: videotape the dance and place it on youtube.
4. New years and celebrations: the week after the foundation day fair, we will have 1 half day and 2 consecutive days without classes. What's the word? oh yeah... Whooooppppeeee!!!!!
5. JS turnover: what will happen? Well I dunno. Hopefully it will be just as fun as last year's XD
6. exams: my last exams in highschool. Time has really passed by quickly!Next thing you know we are all graduating!
7. graduation: the last chapter of my high school life. Will there be an epilogue?
8. graduation ball: is this the epilogue that I wanted? We have to wait til we find out! But I have no date...

So that's the whole list of the last events that will happen before I start a new chapter in life named college.8 more chapters of high school then its time to say goodbye. Aww... I wish that I will have a little bit of romance before I graduate. Who will be the guy? I dont know maybe even no guy at all.


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