Wednesday, October 29, 2008

5 Days!!!

Sooo... how has my sem break been now that I only have around 5 days before school starts? Well, its okay. And my cousin being here makes days less boring. And with her around i try to find something different rather than mope around the computer. Actually this week started rather productively coz I didnt spend as much time as i normally do in front of the laptop. Hehe. :D And the picture above is when we saw Kuya Perfy's Lab gown Haha we loved the tiger design and then poof picture picture XD

Well I wasnt bale to finish reading Wuthering Heights. T_T But I finished 2 books yesterday. One was entitled The Rescue, and the othr one is entitled The Drifter. And I absolutely loved those books! Must buy more fro Christmas and summer vacation hehehe... :D must go to OMF and buy more books! haha anyways let me get on with other things before I make plans to rush to the bookstore and buy more books and waste all ther money I have.

Enrollment is actually over. I just enrolled last Monday but I was never able to tell what happened. Oh and to those who might pass by and read this I don't intend to hurt anyone. Okay? :D

Enrollemnt started last Monday and being one of those who are "safe" I went there quite early to make sure that i would be able to enroll early and head home early. So, I went to uste with my mom and the instructions said to proceed to the main building and see if your name is on the bulletin board. So i checked my name and to my surprise, there were only 19 of us who actually passed everything. And there are around 46 of us and no we are only 19 regular (or should I say the safe) students. My mom was also surprised because the other sections were around more than 30 so why are we so few. Well its obvious who is the one responsible. But moving on, then I proceeded to the seminary gym to find my classmates waiting and looking at the PE boards. Of course I was thinking of a PE this whole time and finally I manged to choose a PE and that is Softball. *insert gasping sounds* So after enrollment, i went to the sticker table and had the second sem sticker placed on my ID. So next sem I will still be a regular student.

And with 5 days, I have to make my sembreak more meaningful. But on the bright side, we will have a get together with our Org tomorrow! Yehey! Now I can get out of the house again. And I feel really sad that the outing with my highschool friends on friday will not push through. :(


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