Friday, October 24, 2008

Almost Enrollment!

in just a few more days, it will be time to enroll once again in school. I'm in a state of mixed emotions and I think my Limbic system has something to do with this. I feel happy because I don't have any deficiencies with any of my subjects. Not only that, I dont have to worry a lot for now. My only problem is i still don't know what PE to take next semester. I'm thinking: soft ball, Arnis, or Volleyball. Wah! I still have no idea what PE to choose! :( I still am undecided. Janelle wants me track and field, my parents wants me to take social dancing but SOCIAL DANCING?! Wont that be embarassing? Haiz. Oh Well Maybe I will take up social dancing. But I really wanna take something that I still don't know. Hmmmm..... I must pray for it. I only have 3 days left before I finally decide.

I hope second sem would be better than the first sem. I expect that we will no longer stay in room 325. The AC unit there is broken and i hate it. The heat would sometimes mix with the mood of the professor and makes the whole class almost unbearable. Then along with an unbearable class our moods are already sour and dampened. Haiz I really don't know what Pe to choose. :(


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