Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This is a part of Sara Ann Zinn's Graduation Speech at Crook Country Christian School.

As Graduating Seniors we are faced with choices. Now is the time that we who were once children begin making decisions as adults. The solid Foundation of our Christian education and the forming of our beliefs and our character by this school and our families have prepared us for the journey ahead.

The road is long, and the journey is rough
At times it seems hard to find strength enough.
But through it all, the ups and downs
We learn to smile despite the frowns.
We learn to share our joy and pain,
To share without expecting gain.
We learn to give a helping hand
And know how to lean when we can't stand.
We learn the difference between right and wrong
To stand for right, and always stand strong.
Though this road is hard and seems so long
Its how we find where we belong;
Because it's only through life's bends and turns
That we can truly grow and truly learn.


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