Thursday, May 8, 2008

Arrived at singapore by 2:30- 3pm
meet up with achi teph, ahya timmy, and her aunt
went with achi teph and ahya timmy to Heart of God church
had a blast at church (love the praise and worship there! just like a concert!)
met new friends
ate dinner with achi teph, achi danica, achi sarah, ahya glenn(tama ba? haha sorry!), and with my siblings (thanks guys! I really feel at home at your church thanks for the treat also)
went back to the hotel(had taiwanese buko before going back to the hotel haha yummy and so small)

met up with my cousin but then she didn't stay with us for a long time
went around the city
supposed to go to the Merlion but then it was way too hot and too many people there
went to Esplanade Mall
rode the MRT going to Boon Lay
went to Singapore Discovery Center
watched Sharks 3d and Everest at the science center
had fun with the exhibits (hands on)
saw 3 dancing robots (cute!!!)
went to SAFTI through the bus tour
went back to Bugis (via MRT)
had dinner near the hotel
had ice cream wafers there(yummy!)
back to the hotel

met up with my cousin at the MRT station
went to Harbourfront station and bought tickets going to Sentosa
(Ahya glenn is right about Sentosa- one big hole for a casino haha!)
Went to Imbiah Lookout
Me, ahya, and papa -> Luge and sky ride
Shobe, mama, and my cousin -> butterfly kingdom
Watched Sentosa 4d Magix
Went to Palawan beach (also in Sentosa)
Had lunch there
Walked around, picture picture
Watched the bird show by 2:30
walked some more
took more pictures esp at the big merlion
went to a mall to have dinner (forgot the name)
went back to the hotel

met up with my cousin again
went to Singapore zoo
met another Filipino family going there
met a family from Holland
took many of pictures with the animals there
had lunch there
uber cute animals! XD
watched splash safari (although it rained)
took a bus back to the mall
went around the mall
took a bus back to Bugis
browsed some souvenirs
had dinner with my cousin and her fiance
went back to the hotel
Joyce tsi, achi teph and her aunt dropped by to say goodbye.
packed our stuff

woke up at 3 am
had breakfast by 3:45am
went to the airport by 4am
explored around the airport
left singapore by 6:30 am
arrived back at Manila at before 10am

so there you have it my "brief" summary about the trip in Singapore.


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