Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A random College blog

Its one of these days, the days when something weird happens and there is nothing to do. But maybe later, I will read zoology, SA, Psy101, and filipino. I have to give my best in these subjects. There is no way I wanna fail another quiz in those subjects. Oh and add all the other subjects but the ones I stated are the hard ones which require tons of effort. Moral: If i really wanna pass BS Psychology in UST, I should give more effort than what I already am giving. I also have to do my best in school and getting on the good side of my professors. I just dont know how my blockmates do it! I think that they are born for the course. While me, bah! am still suffering from zoological trauma. I just dont know how i can memorize! I still dont know what is the effective study strategy for me. And although i still have these kinds of problems, I want to do my best, my very best for god even if it means sleepless nights, tears, blood, sweat, coffee, you get the idea. But I made a choice that if I will do my best, I chose to start my study time with God. He gave me the decisions so I have to take responsibility for my actions. And I really want to pass in BS Psychology. I wanna do my best! I dont wanna be a lazy person. Having said that... see yah!


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