Monday, June 30, 2008

Playing the blame game

Don't we just love to blame others? For example *in the cases of many girls haha* I blame HIM for my pain. *or in the cases of guys* I blame HER for being so unpredictable. *and for the nerds* I blame the TV for distracting me!

Haha so whatever we try to blame its useless coz its already in the past. So why blame something that will never happen in the present nor in the future. Best we could do is to be the best we can be so that we will not commit the same mistakes in the future.

My point: stop playing the blame game especially if you know that you are at fault. :)

My other point: I'm bored! XD

Didn't expect that didn't you? :)

Oh well school tomorrow again. Org enlistment tomorrow. What org will I join?

SECRET!!!! haha you'll find out soon enough :P

But seriously, dont blame anyone for the mistakes you had in the past. Nothing can change that. ^_^ I feel honored to have wasted your time XD haha just kidding! XD

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  1. Cia-cia said...
    I'm still bored!

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