Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I got this from my tumblr which i posted around a week ago :P

Okay, since my body clock has been jeopardized, i decide to share a little something that happened to me this week. :) First of all, this is the week before our pelim exams, which means profs are rushing lectures and deadlines. Since our profs turn that crappy paranoid, we students have to pay the price. Of course sleep is starting to become non-existent and nothing enters my mind except Psych, Psych, Psych, Psych. *no it’s not the tv series* oh and the experimental psych reports in expe lab which can turn even the most civil of people into zombies. :))

okay so about the experimental reports. For one, they are a requirement so we have no escape for that, but i guess its okay since its kinda helpful in the enhancement of some of our skills. This week though, it has been too much for the whole class. Original plan was to submit the report for experiment 4 AND 5 last Tuesday. Thankfully, last Monday, our professors were considerate enough to extend the deadline of experiment 5. Unfortunately for me, that Monday night, THERE WAS NO INTERNET! :| So imagine a Psych major panicking to her groupmates via text that she has no internet. :| I wouldnt have been panicking if I wasn’t tasked with the discussion… o.o

so right now you might be wondering where does starbucks come in… read on

the next day, I went to starbucks to help with whatever i can with the discussion. When our groupleader showed me the discussion that my partner made the night before, i was dumbstruck. She did the discussion very well! As in everything *the whole experiment* was well written! *Kudos to Shek! :D* I found it a challenge to even add something to the discussion, but I managed to add a sentence or two but that’s just about it.

Wednesday night came, which was last night. Everyone was cramming for the next experiment which has to be submitted the next day. This time I was tasked with the introduction with a different partner. I was armed with 2 things, the photocopied, and articles of the related lit and 2 liters of mountain dew. :)) Last night has been hectic! I mean i was already struggling with the related lit and one extraneous after another extraneous variable comes and brings me one step closer to insanity. I was reading the related lit until 12mn, and after that i started typing what my brain can give me. And by 3am, I finished the 2 liters of mountain dew and I was literally shaking. O______O Fortunately by 3am, me and my parnter finished the introduction which was a huge relief! So i was preparing to go to bed when I realized that I need to go to starbucks to finish the whole thing, which made me more motivated to sleep until, I RELAIZED I COULDNT GET A WINK OF SLEEP! Mountain dew was still in full effect… which made sleeping take a while. :|

Okay so 7am I woke up feeling like crap a zombie. I rushed to go to school as early as I can and I ended up in starbucks again. Editing and adding whatever we can add in the experiment. We managed to finish around 30 minutes before classes start. Enough time to actually review for Ab Psych. :))

Okay so I’m about to wrap up this post but then I forgot to add that Starbucks is starting to become my home away from UST :)) I have been consuming nothing but Starbucks coffee and pastries everytime I go there for the experimental reports.. :| I’m broke already :((

Oh and one last thing: KUDOS TO MY GROUPMATES! :D ♥♥♥ YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST, EVEN WHEN WE ARE ALL LOSING IT AT THE SAME TIME! :)) *Kuya Lucky, Kuya Nat, Ate Denise, Dane, Shek, Cactus and Ronz!*


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