Wednesday, August 11, 2010

when Cia and exams meet

Okay so this is prelims week and I must not be in my right mind to post something at this time :| *I should be studying Current Issues in Psych, oh well, my brain is in need of rest from the trauma* Anyhow, like I said, it's prelims week and everyone is almost looking forward to the end of the week. I can't wait for another praise and worship practice on my part haha! I'm so psyched for the Youth Sunday on the 22nd! :P

First things first, below is the schedule of my prelims.

Monday- Experimental Psych Lec & Lab
Tuesday- Psychodiagnostics Lec & Lab
Wednesday- Abnormal Psych & I/O Psych
Thursday- Current Issues in Psychology
Friday- Philippine Literatures

We were placed in room 130 and the other half was placed in room 328 (which is a lab btw, I dunno how they do the exams there). Our exams is from 1300-1500 hours with 1 hour per exam. Which means my exams tomorrow and on Friday will only be from 1300-1400 hours only *yeah!*.

Last Monday, we had our exams of Expe Lec and Expe Lab. Prior to the day of the exam, I have been asking around how our prof makes an exam. One of the people I asked mentioned that it wasn't our prof who made the test but another prof whom I never encountered in my entire stay in USTe. That sent a wave of panic on my part since I don't have much of an idea what will happen. Fast forward to last Monday, Expe Lec scared me a bit but not enough to trigger blocking in my system. IT WAS THE LAB WHICH DID! :| I was like: !@#$%?> WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! :| I didnt recall studying for BMA III. I recall studying for Experimental Lab! Where did expe lab go?! T____T

Tuesday. DIEag day :| It was better than Expe Lec&Lab. Still the exam wasn't that easy and it wasn't that hard either. It's confusing but it was okay for me. *SKIIP!*

Wednesday- TODAY :| @#$%^!?*!@#$ AB Psych- the most traumatic exam for the week. Like what the?! I only scanned through the Culture-bound syndromes. *my bad:| darn it! I didnt get enough sleep studying for that subject! I slept at 3am coz my brain can't take all the reviewing. IO Psych was the subject that made me feel better but then the exam it was also quite puzzling at certain items. After the exam, I went straight to ministop and got myself some comfort food coz the exam killed my brain and my self-concept :|

I dunno what happens tomorrow or on friday. :( I havent studied CIP yet and I dunno when I will. Another round of technical readings :| whoopdedooo... :|


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