Tuesday, July 13, 2010

at school once again

I dont understand why but i have the impulse to blog on public places. such places are he library and the coffee shops. yes weird much, you can say, but for me, i dont care! HAHA!! :P

anyhow, today classes are not gonna start until 1pm which gives me around 3 more hours to bum around! teehee! :P the best part is that there are no papers to submit nor any school works to do! odd? yes indeed since we have been bombarded with a lot of school works eversince june. i also find my tuesday, thursday classes are much more relaxing unlike the monday, wednesday, and friday classes. The friday classes are the most stressful of all the days of the week. having classes from 9 until 6pm are not fun at all.

*edit: oh drat! i forgot to do something important! :| anyhow...*

a while ago, i also finished doing something of great importance to me as a psych major. i finally managed to sign up in helping out at ustet! which can benefit me with the extra experience. HAHA!! :) it was weird standing around the OSA office with all the applicants for the scholarship. it's so stressful just to get a scholarship right now. you have a lot of competition. you have to prove to the people why you deserve one as well.

then yesterday *this post is getting way too random :))* but yeah yesterday, i attended the Scarlet GA which was entitled Ignite. sheesh! I feel so old with all the first year students with me. :O The leaders were very nice and very much entertaining. I'm glad that the event was successful. Also for the Psych freshmen day last saturday! :) It was fun to interact with all the first year students. I never felt so old in psych =)) I was glad that i met a lot of new friends not only from the first year but also from the second, third *YEEEY!* and fourth year. The first year students were very much curious on who the profs are and what their styles in teaching are. to say the least, it was very encouraging to see them very much interested in what they are doing. oh and i'm not called ate by some. most of the first year students call me mommy. i dont even have a boyfriend yet and i already turned into a mommy monkey with seven freshies as my kids! Family! <3

okay here is another random thing to talk about: FIFA world cup. in all honesty i wasnt that pleased with the results of the world cup. I'm definitely turning that octopus into calamari when i get my hands on it. grrr... >:( I really wanted Netherlands to win! boo spain! :| stupid referee! It could have been more exciting if it was tied. Then there would be another game and that would be so much fun! Oh well i must move on there is still 2014 Worldcup in BRAZIL! :D *must stay positive. must stay positive. :)

Okay i'll stop here, i feel like sleeping on a different section in the library this time... HAHAHA!! go juniors! goo psych! :)

with love,
cia :)


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