Saturday, August 28, 2010

weee Saturdays are fun. most especially when you know that you are not just gonna be glued in front of the computer doing nothing. HAHA!! :)) anyhow i managed to accomplish a lot within the day. :)

first I completed the case studies and the diagnostic criteria for pain disorder and body dysmporphic disorder. *YEY! i can do etiology and epidemiology tomorrow! ;3 and then at church, SUPER FUN! :D we played guesstures which was very much competitive! :)) dont blame me for something so fun! :P losing team will eat the extra spicy meat floss (ma hu) from Singapore! :)) I would rather finish the wasabi flavored one rather than the spicy one but both are oh so yummy! <3 :) and we feasted on a lot of food while playing guesstures! <3 I want to buy my own! HAHA! <3 :) and seeing Achi Miriam after 3 months is worth it! <3 :) more games! :D

anyhow i'll stop now i'm not actually in the blogging mood right now. :P


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