Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tuesdays at the library

Its official. School is taking a toll on me and will turn me into a mindless zombie robot.

Wait why am i even saying such things? o.o *backtracks a bit

okay so this is how it goes. yesterday, the results of the exams were given to us. I was praying really really hard for a miracle in certain subjects. I passed CIP which is a relief for me. I FAILED in Expe lab. TERRIBLY FAILED! >.< *dies* In Expe Lec, i passed but i was hanging on a thin thread. One mistake can fail me. In Phil Lit, the results were not out so maybe by Wednesday I would see the scores. I failed in IO also but the strain was not as terrible compared to Expe Lab. :|

Today, in expe lab, they gave the results of the experimental reports. One of the reports was a high grade *whew!* and the other one was a low one *facepalm*. From happy Cia, my mood changed into a GROAR mode! I hate hate hate myself for not giving my best in the reports. and with a failing grade in the prelim exam... I can smell DOOM! :| *must be optimistic about the results, must strive harder*

The biggest surprise in my entire sem came from Ab Psych. I expected to fail terribly in the exam. Coz no matter how hard I studied for that exam I was at a loss. But then, OMG! I GOT A FREAKIN 81/100! :D that pulled up my grades. ALOT! :) I was very much happy but at the same time, the whole experience was humbling to say the least. But like in my other subjects, i know I must NOT moan and cry around for my failing grades, I must strive harder than I did before.

Over all, I can't make a sound judgment if I did well or not this sem yet, since I haven't gotten the results of the last 3 exams: DIEag lec, DIEag lab, and Phil lit. Maybe I'll blog about it when I get the results in the days to come.

Then I have to say hello to 2 things: schoolwork and sleepless nights. :O Lord give me strength to do this. Most importantly, help me to guard my heart.

I'm a gonna go for now. Boredom seeps in when you're waiting for your sundo *the more I wanna commute home right now HAHA!! :P


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