Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well for now, I'm still resting but trauma has settled right inside my brain again. ugh. Okay so I'll be narrating how this week went, no matter how FUN or how DEADLY this week was.

ugh Mondays. Never liked mondays that much. Maybe its because it marks the start of the week. Luckily nothing much happened that day except we had a quiz in BMA (Behavior Measurement and Analysis- PSY 234).

This Tuesday is supposed to be different from all other TTH classes. Supposedly, we are to have a 5-7 make up class in Educ Psych but our prof was absent. Whooo so instead of classes ending at 7pm, our classes ended at 2:30 pm. YEAH! We also had our first lab experiment. Luckily no padlocks fell on my head :))

Wednesday. Midweek. Ugh. No quizzes whatsoever, i wasnt called for english speech. chem prof taught more on chapter 6 yeah pretty much a normal day O_O.

THE START OF HELL DAYS! chem lab prof was a HUGE PAIN IN THE BUTT! Wont accept our postlab. Our test tube brushes went missing. ARGH! Then PHILO QUIZ was super hard. Its like the prof expects us to memorize the whole thing. Then Educ psych prof was super terror. She actually wanted us to have a make up class that same day from 5pm-7pm. FYI I dont want to! I have a gown fitting. Since everyone dosent want it during the same day, we objected heavily. So its gonna be next tuesday. Damn her.

Bad day. Bad bad day. Say started well but ended in hysteria/paranoia/insanity. RUS was okay. then bad rain. bad bad sign. Psych team held a quiz for new members to join. Had a hard time during the quiz. BMA seatwork was fun but hard to count. 99 scores. O_O Wheeew! Chem quiz, 4 pages, 20 minutes, wasnt able to finish the last page... Darn. 5 points per item. English damn. Speech activity went bad, quiz was all identification. DAMN!

yeah hopefully today will be better. =(


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