Monday, July 6, 2009

As the title says I have been counting a lot these days. Yep,It clearly means that the big day is drawing near. People are awaiting for that day with glee and anticipation, while I count for the day with anxiety and excitement. 20 more days til the big day! :O

Okay so I ranted about that part, on to more important things. One, well last saturday was the debut of my best friend and she looked stunning on her hot pink dress! :D That Saturday, my hair was in curls :)) EECK!! HAHA just kidding. I was also a part of the 18 candles. :) The food was great HHAAAHA!! The desserts were yummy too! :D Really had a fun time at Jay's debut! :D

Then I bought a new book while I was gift shopping for Jay last Friday. It was also the reason why I was super late in class. Haha but it's okay. I was only marked late. :) Promise that will be the first and LAST! :D And for the record, the book I bought for myself is called Do hard things. It speaks about teenagers rebelling against LOW EXPECTATIONS. Its written by teens for teens. Authors are actually the younger brothers of well known author Joshua Harris(I kissed Dating goodbye series).

Then I have a feeling that someone is mad at me. I dunno why but its not like that person not to talk to me. Hmmm... i wonder what is wrong? Argh! I dont like having enemies! :( awwww.... friend! Don't be mad at me! D:

I have less than 4 hours of school and tomorrow I have classes for 12 straight hours! :( 7am-7pm classes. I feel like I could die there. PRESSURE PRESSURE PRESSURE!!!!! I need to breathe! :O

Okay I gotta go! Will blog again when I have the time... D:


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