Sunday, July 19, 2009

7 days to go

And as much as possible I'm trying to stay calm with this whole party planning business. I just hope school will NOT be a pain in the ass through this time. =/

I met 2 singers on the net thanks to youtube. His name is Halyosy. :3 and I just found him through a Pikachu! :)) Of all the songs he sang, I liked the song Melt. It made me cry- A LOT!

Here is the translation in english:
English Version

Wakin’ up in the morning,
I only had one thought inside my mind.
Yes, it was you.

Had a haircut the other day,
So you could notice and then say to me,
“Why the new style?”

I throw my jacket on and the silver skull ring on my right hand.
I step outside and tell myself,
Today, you will see how bright I really can be!

Melt! I’m melting as I think of you.
And even so, I’m too shy to say ‘I LOVE YOU’
However, Melt!
I can’t even look at your eyes.
However will I get my feelings across to you?
It’s you that is holding my heart still,
After all.

Forecast this morning,
Was wrong and left me unprepared again.
Now I’m caught in the rain.

Could’ve got an umbrella.
From a store somewhere and then I heard her sigh.
I see a girl leave. Oh, was it you? And then, I say,
“Do you mind if I walk with you,” as you unfold the parasol.
I hope you didn’t see my face was burning red,
And now I am falling in love with you!

Melt! Oh, I am hardly breathing!
As our hands touch, you’ll see,
I’m trembling! My heart beats hard.
All of this just because we’re sharing this umbrella!
Just nearly close enough, to feel your breath. Oh, what to do…
Oh, please, God, just stop time forever.
This waterfall of tears has started. Don’t know if it’ll ever stop.
But I’m so happy now,
That I could just die!

Melt! The time of parting has arrived.
Though we will meet again, oh, until then, you’ll disappear.
And again, Melt! Oh, God, please tie us forever!
Already missing you, I never want
to say goodbye.
I take you in my arms and say “I love you,”
…In my dreams


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