Sunday, May 10, 2009

Its the merry month of May. Which practically means one thing...

It's almost time to go back to school. Oh no!!! Going back to school has its pros and cons. For pros, first and foremost, I'm a Sophomore! Yey! No more Freshie treatment. It's getting kinda crappy boring sometimes. Next on the list is that there is no need to adjust to the environment of UST. Being familiar with a lot of places, i don't think i would have any trouble finding my way around. Hehe :)


for the cons, first of all is my schedule. DUH! I dont wanna go home by 7pm and be at school the next day at 7am! HOW do i know what my PE is then?! better get a PE from 9am-11am on Mondays.

this is my POSSIBLE sched for 2nd year first sem

*click to zoom*yuck! O_o or maybe have a PE during wed or for the best solution sat PEs.

another con is that 2nd year psych means CHEM! Oh no! I already had traumatizing experiences with chem! I'm gonna need help from the Chem majors around church. or for the school matter, chem nerds in class! and then, being called atsi around is like *UGH!!!* I feel older! I might walk around in school and people who might see me around might start calling me: Atsi Ciarah! and my classmates might start calling me that as well. HAHA!! Paranoid! LOL!

C: C: C: C:

Anyways, enrollment will be on June 1. So Pe's are more probably less, more likely my choices will be super limited. And i will be needing a better PE. Mom still wants me to go for Soc Dance but i dont wanna!

Darn it! Why does College of science have later enrollments. There, even I'm affected.

I just hope everything will finally be sorted out by the end of the end of the week (meaning the writeup for family camp, the things to do, the reviewing of school stuff etc.)

and then for the last thing, I'm gonna start playing volley ball tomorrow! Ack nooo!!! O_O I'm scared actually but maybe playing the game can help me loose at least a couple of pounds off. :D

I'll end for now.... C:


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