Monday, April 27, 2009

April ender update

so April is almost over and a lot has already happened for the past few weeks after my update. for one, i still don't have my clearance which is starting to piss me off. second, this summer is a weird one since its already raining so early. :O third, many people are going to grow up this week and a lot has grown since last week. Whoo! *cough*blowout*cough* :D fourth, well i think this should be the time to update what is happening in my life.

1. Facebook
-yeah. i am addicted to facebook. thanks to my church friends, i am using my facebook more than ever. HAHA!! more than multiply.

-i'm addicted to three applications there: Restaurant City, Guess the Sketch, and Pet Society. Shoti(aka Johann Go) had me hooked to Pet Society, Ithran had me hooked to Guess the Sketch and Restaurant City, and Abi added to the addiction in Restaurant City. :)

-quizzes there had me hooked HAHA!!=))

-i'm not using multiply that much because of facebook. HAHA!!=)but its still working and i have uploaded 4 albums for the merry month of April. :)

- Albums include:
a. YSC
b. family camp
c. resurrection sunday
d. summer the thomasian way (cockroaches are included :D)

3.YSC update:
Since, i dont have enough time to make a big YSC update, I'll copy paste from my multiply site. HAHA!! yes dear,I'm bored. :) and this is one whole blog :))

hey all! i just came back from camp last sat and since then i have been trying to post all the pics as fast as i can but then multiply wont cooperate with me. ugh.

well many are asking me how camp was. it was FUN, especially with the new responsibility of being part of prog comm. despite the stress associated with the responsibility, it gave me the sense of satisfaction to see the many delegates enjoy what we have planned for them *thanks guys! you deserve a hug for being such good sports*.

then the seminars and workshops. :) i can relate a lot on the seminars and then the workshops were so fun! two thumbs up for devo comm! :D

but then the sad thing is the free time. our group went to sm baguio and the market. i felt so disappointed because being in sm felt as if i am back in manila. but the photo-ops made up for the disappointment in sm baguio. then we walked from SM to the market which was a long way but was also okay since we were able to go around the market.


ugh i'm so tired already. attempting to post all the pictures by today wont be much help for me. i'll try to finish everything by tomorrow. sheesh uploading 300+ pix used to be easy ugh XD

oh well I'll stop here for now. :) whoever you are reader i hope you didnt get too bored by this. HAHA!!! :D

*btw, kinikilig pa rin ako :D :D :D

okay,i know that blockquote is long HAHA!!:)

4. family camp.
- okay, family camp was when i really bonded with so many people. :)todo bonding with friends from the lower batch and with friends from the higher batch.

- then helped with the kids (by which so many of my lower batch friends wanted to be in my place. HAHAHAHAHA!!! guys, you know who you are!)

so there is my update for the Merry month of April. Until then, Ciao! :)


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