Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And since no one technically looks at this blog. i kinda consider this as my haven of some sort. yeah sometimes life can get really dull and i have been able to reflect upon certain issues with my life. I'm still pissed off at the fact that the school WONT GIVE ME MY CLEARANCE. they say that i have to print it somewhere but where?! Damn. I know i shouldnt be bitter but i was on top of a mountain at that time. Now i really dont know if i will be able to enroll in school for next sem. Darn it. i wanna call the school but here at home, it's already pretty much hectic with all the housework i have to help around since one of the househelp suddenly went off without telling us something. ugh. we already have many problems of our own and they are adding up. like blocks and blocks and blocks. (yes i'm bitter, live with it).

the only good thing i think is that the weather seems to be better unlike before. its no longer hot and the days have become more cooler with the blessing of rain. and tomorrow i will be having some friends over for practice for the variety show this saturday. yeah saturday will be a great day, hopefully. i hope i wont mess up with the testimony that i have to give but still i feel as if i'm being spiritually attacked by having experienced a lot of bad things lately.

and of course there is the part where me and my bs call it the "like life" not "love life" because we only have crushes. well anyways, yeah i like this guy but then how can he like someone like me. i mean physically speaking, i'm not that much to look at. i'm plain. i feel disgusted when i'm wearing something not modest. let's face the truth i'm not that thin at all. and besides, being surrounded by thin people make me more conscious so there. i ranted i let everything out.


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