Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is going to be my first blog entry for this year. Whew! maintaining so many social networks could be tiring. HAHA!! :) Anyways, since its been a while I decided to do a school update. YSC update will be posted sometime in a couple of days later. :)

so about school. like in my previous posts, I am a psych major studying in the Pontifical, Royal Catholic University of Santo Tomas. Whew! that's a long name for a school which is nicknamed uste.


School is over and I am enjoying a well deserved break! :)) and I can say that I am really happy with how my school year ended. for now at least i can still say that I am still a Thomasian. Grades were released last week during camp and it was weird, I didnt feel scared when i was looking at it and guess what?! :D

I PASSED!!!!! :) :) :)

Yes, i passed my second sem with good grades and I dont need to bother myself for summer classes at all! :D Whooo hooo!!! :) for you dear reader to understand what i mean:

Now that i have an assurance of a school-free summer, now i can focus my mind into more important things like: studying my past lessons (since almost every psych subject is a pre-requisite of what we are learning), learning a new hobby and even visiting some of my classmates who have summer :)) HAHA!!!! :D

Also, I saw my curiculum for second year first sem. And Whoooo i do have a lot more subjects this coming school year when I will no longer be a freshie but a sophomore! :D Whooohoooo!!! College rocks! :D

BTW, here is my subjects during 2nd year first sem:

so there. I'm kinda scared for it but then i just have to trust God in this, and do my best in school.

Question is: which is better? CWTS? or LTS?
what PE should i take? handball? korfball? swimming?! soc dance?!?!?!?!


i'll do an update next time about that haha! :)


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