Thursday, May 10, 2007

By June

I'm gonna be dead by june! That's because i know I will not enjoythis school year! I just know it I can feel it deep down inside of me! Why do I have to be in service! I dont wanna be in service. I dont like my classmates either! Garrrrlllllll!!!! Why do I have to be the one to suffer? I know I will not enjoy this school year. I know what to do. When I enter the classroom, I will go inside and sleep. Find a desk to sit on and just sit there and sleep. If Sharlene tries to tickle me, I will justy simply ignore her than to go into a mortal fit of rage which can eventually bring down a shadow of pure embarassment. If janelle and carmen hover around me, I will just simply stay still and sleep. A way to show my school blues. And most probbably I would have just stayed glued to my seat or text text and read a book. I just hope my text mate is willing to reply. I would have a good reason to sleep because I would have just returned from hong kong and I would have been so tired from the trip. If it was possible, I could have just been absent and fall asleep right away at home instead of going back to school. Honestly speaking, I still miss that guy the guy who is responsible for my sadness. Here is a list of my classmates this incoming third year.


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