Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It was you all along

A story not made by me...
Careful... you might just start crying.....

Part 1

"Let me out!" screamed a terrified eight year old Sung Hoon. He was trapped in total darkness with four walls closing in on him. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he remembered what had happen.

He was playing hide and seek with two boys from his school. Their names were Eun Ji Won and Chu Tae Won. Sung Hoon was so happy when they invited him to join them. In school Sung Hoon was the most popular kid because his aunt was the famous actress Jung Yeh Ja but when all the excitement about her was over, he was lonely all over again. In real life, Sung Hoon doesn't have any friends because all the other kids assumed he was too good to play with them.

"Okay," said Ji Won. "I''ll seek and you guys hide. 10…15…20…25…"

Sung Hoon jumped with excitement and started running to find a place to hide. He saw a refrigerator near his house. He wondered where it came from but then didn't care because it would make a great hiding place. Sung Hoon hid for a while and then he heard Ji Won's and Tae Won's voices. He wondered what was going on and then he heard a noise.

"I hope you like it in there Sung Hoon!"

'What?' thought Sung Hoon. He tried to push open the door but it wouldn't budge. He felt trap and started to gasp for air. He pounded on the door and screamed, "Let me out you guys!"

Ji Won just laughed. "Why don't you ask your aunt Yeh Ja to help you? Act like you're better than us just because she is famous."

Sung Hoon's heart sank. He couldn't believe it. He thought Ji Won and Tae Won were his friends but they had tricked him. He began to cry. "I don't act like I'm better. Please let me out."

Tae Won began to laugh. "This will teach you to mess with us." Then he and Ji Won left.

In the dark Sung Hoon sat and curled himself into a little ball. He was terrified. He was scared of the dark and worse, he was afraid of being alone. Then he heard a knocking.

A little girly voice called out, "Is someone in there?"

Sung Hoon stood up and banged his fists against the door. "Hurry up and let me out!"


He heard the noise of wood sliding and the door suddenly opened. Just as he saw light coming he pushed his way out. He bent over and began breathing fast because he almost ran out of air when he was inside the refrigerator. Then a pair of Mary Janes came into his view. When he looked up he saw a pair of big brown eyes staring back at him. It was a little girl in pig tails that saved him.

They looked at each other for a while and didn't say anything. Then the girl looked down and kicked her foot into the dirt.

"Umm…what were you doing in my fridge?"

Sung Hoon looked at her and then he turned away and ran into his house, leaving the little girl staring after him.

Part 2

'Huh? What just happened here?' Kyung Hee thought. "Aye! I'll never understand boys!" she screamed out loud. She was watching Sung Hoon as he ran into the house next door.

"What don't you understand sweetie?" her grandpa asked as he came out the front porch to look for her.

"Oh nothing grampie."

"Come here."

He waved for Kyung Hee to come sit with him on the porch swing. She walked over to him and sat on his lap.

"Yes grampie?"

"Do you like it here?"

She nodded her head. "Ah huh. I get to be with you all the time but I'm still mad at mommy and daddy for leaving me." She frowned and crossed her arms.

Her grandpa let out a little laugh. "Silly girl, your parents are geologists. They have to travel around the world. They can't take you with them because you have school. Besides they'll send you presents."

Kyung Hee's eyes got wide. "Presents? A lot?"


She clapped her hands. "Yay!"

Back at home Sung Hoon buried his face into his pillow and cried. Then he heard a knock on his door.

"Sung Hoonee?"

Sung Hoon quickly wiped his nose on his sleeve.

"Yes? Come in."

Then his mother came in. "What's wrong honey? Why are you crying?"

He shook his head. "Oh it's nothing mommy."

His mom looked around his room. "Where are your friends?"

Sung Hoon tried his best not to cry. "They….they went home." His mom hugged him. "Oh, you're sad that they had to go home so early?" Sung Hoon held onto his mom tighter and didn't answer. His mom thought for a while.

"Hey I know. A new family just moved in next door. An old man and a little girl.
You can go play with her. Do you want to?"

"Okay mommy."

Part 3

~Ding dong~

Kyung Hee stopped putting her toys away and looked up at the front door. 'Hmm…I wonder who it could be?'

"Kyung Hee! Answer the door!"

"Okay grampie."

When she opened the door she saw a pretty lady and the boy she helped earlier. "Hi!" She grabbed Sung Hoon's hand. "Are you okay?" Sung Hoon just looked at her and didn't answer.

"Oh you two already met?"

"Not really. I don't even know his name."

"I see. You can call me Mrs. Kang and this is my boy Sung Hoon.
Is your grandfather home?"

"Ah huh. My name is So Kyung Hee. Come in."

Kyung Hee closed the door behind them. Then she ran upstairs to get her grandpa. Then the grandpa told her, "Why don't you and Sung Hoon go outside while Mrs. Kang and I have a talk?" "Okay grampie. Come on Sung Hoon," she said as she pulled him out of the house with her.

When they got outside Kyung Hee felt a hard shove behind her back. She fell on the grass but something there cut her leg and made her bleed. She looked up and saw Sung Hoon glaring at her with the coldest eyes she has ever seen.

'Don't pretend you want to be my friend,' thought Sung Hoon. He was going to make Kyung Hee pay for what Ji Won and Tae Won did to him.

"Why did you push me?"

"I hate ugly girls! And you are really damn oogly!"

Kyung Hee opened her mouth in shock. She began to cry. Sung H felt bad but he was still mad at what those guys did to him so he wasn't going to stop.

"What? Oh, are you crying? You are such a baby!"

That made Kyung Hee instantly stop. She stood up. "I'm not a baby!"

"Yes you are!" Sung Hoon yelled back.

Then he yanked on one of her braids and pulled the ivory ribbon out. "Ow!" She yanked back her hair and then replied, "You're the baby! Who was crying inside my fridge huh?" That made Sung Hoon really mad. He pushed her hard. She fell down and cried really loud. Her grandpa and Mrs. Kang ran out.

"What happened Kyung Hee?"

Kyung Hee pointed her finger at Sung Hoon. She began to sob again. "He…he-"

"I accidentally made her fall," cut in Sung Hoon.

Kyung Hee looked up at Sung Hoon in shock. 'That liar!' she thought. "I'm sorry," said Sung Hoon as he began to bawl. He looked at Kyung Hee with his puppyish eyes.

"I didn't mean to make you fall."

Mrs. Kang held Sung Hoon. "I know you didn't mean to make Kyung Hee fall."

Then her grandpa asked, "Are you okay Kyung Hee?"

Kyung Hee looked up and saw Sung Hoon's lips move. "Baby," he said loud enough just for her to hear. Kyung Hee bit her lip. "I'm okay grampie. It was an accident."

"I'm sorry Mr. So but I have to be home and prepare dinner for my husband.
It was a pleasure meeting you. Bye Kyung Hee!"

"Bye," said Sung Hoon and he gave Kyung Hee a wave. Kyung Hee watched them as they left. Then she saw Sung Hoon turn around and giver her a little smirk. She glared back at him.

'It's war. I'm going to hurt you one of these days Kang Sung Hoon,' she promised herself.

This was the beginning of a NOT so beautiful friendship…

Part 4

Five years later…

During these years Sung Hoon and Kyung Hee went to school together everyday. Kyung Hee was the target of Sung Hoon's tortures every single day. He would call her names and hit her. He would push her around in school but in front of adults, he would act like he was her best friend. It was a nightmare for Kyung Hee because Sung Hoon requested to have every single class with her and he was her partner in every single project. What's worse was Sung Hoon became the most popular boy in school so she couldn't get anyone on her side to help her avoid him. Also during this time, Sung Hoon met Kim Jae Duc and Lee Jae Jin. It took them a while before Sung Hoon would trust them. Eventually they became Sung Hoon's best friends as they hang out together more often. He let them in on the fun of teasing Kyung Hee but he would never let them physically harm her. And so it begins…Junior High…

"Heads up!"

Kyung Hee glanced up and saw a blurry object headed her way. Before she could block it, it hit her right smack on the head and gave her a bruise. "Ow!" she yelled and began to rub the spot where it hit her head. Sung Hoon began to walk towards her. He was the one who threw the football.

"Aww…did it hurt?"

Kyung Hee glared at him but he just smiled at her. She clenched her teeth and answered, "No." Right behind Sung Hoon was Jae Duc and Jae Jin. They were laughing.

"Hope you didn't make her cry man!" said Jae Jin.

Jae Duc shook his head. "Naw…her head has too many bones in it."

"Maybe that's why they call her 'BoneHead!'" yelled Sung Hoon.

All three of them started busting out laughing and gave each other high-fives. Kyung Hee stood up.

"You idiots! There are no bones in the head!
You don't know anything! No wonder all of you are so dumb to make that stupid joke.
I hope all three of you fail and repeat eighth grade!"

Jae Jin looked at her. "Aww…you don't mean that Kyung Hee.
Cuz that means you'll graduate before Sung Hoon."

"Yeah," added Jae Duc. "You don't want to leave your Sung Hooney, do you?"

Kyung Hee's face turned red. "Shut up Jae Jin and Jae Duc! Kang Sung Hoon is nothing of mine!" She points a finger at Sung Hoon. "I hate you!"

Sung Hoon just gave her a smile and said, "No you don't."

"Ahhh!" she screamed and then stomped off to class.

'Those jerks,' Kyung Hee thought. 'Damn you Sung Hoon. Act like you're King of the school. I hope you get kicked off your throne Your Majesty!' She began to imagine herself choking Sung Hoon and she wasn't watching where she was going. Then she felt herself bump into someone.

"Ow!" said a voice.

"Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going.
Here let me help you up."

Kyung Hee bent down to help the guy up. She noticed he had a long neck and really beautiful eyes. Then she cursed herself for staring at him. He was cute!

"Sorry about that."

"It's okay."

He gave her a really sweet smile. "By the way, my name is Ko Ji Yong. And you are?"

"I'm So Kyung Hee. Nice to meet you Ji Yong oppa.
Are you new here?"

"Yeah. First day."

"Let me see your schedule."

Kyung Hee looked at the list Ji Yong gave her. "Hey you take Tae Kwon Doe?"

"Yeah. I'm the Junior Champion back at my old school.
So do we have any classes together?"

"Really? That's tight! Hmm…we have four classes together."

'He has four out of six classes with me,' she thought. 'Damn and that monster Sung Hoon has all six with me. Maybe Ji Yong will be the only guy here who won't listen to Sung Hoon and pick on me. Who knows? He might even kick Sung Hoon's butt in Tae Kwon Doe!' Just the thought of Sung Hoon getting beat up made Kyung Hee yelled out, "Yay!"

Ji Yong looked at her surprised. "Why are you so happy?"

"Oh nothing. Come on Ji Yong oppa.
Let me take you to your first class with me."

Part 5

Sung Hoon tapped his foot impatiently against his desk. 'Where the hell is Kyung Hee? She should have been back here before me and the others.' He sent Jae Duc and Jae Jin to go out and find her. He began to worry but then he heard Kyung Hee's voice. He watched her talking to a strange guy. They both sat down in a corner and then that guy handed Kyung Hee back her back pack. 'This does not look good,' thought Sung Hoon.

Kyung Hee looked over at Ji Yong's shoulder and saw Sung Hoon looking at them. 'Eat your heart out Sung Hoon.' Ji Yong had been so sweet to her. 'I wish Ji Yong was my older brother,' she thought. 'That way he can protect me from that animal Sung Hoon.' And just then Sung Hoon walked up to them.

"Hi. I'm Kang Sung Hoon the school's representative. And you are?" he looked at Ji Yong.

Ji Yong started to analyze Sung Hoon. 'So this is the guy who's picking on Kyung Hee.' Then Kyung Hee's words came back to him.

Sigh…Ji Yong looked at Kyung Hee. "What's the sigh for?" She looked down at the floor.

"Oh nothing."

"Come on Kyung Hee. If you called me oppa, that means you can tell me anything."

"Well…I'm afraid I'm going to get beaten up today."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

Kyung Hee lifted up the sleeve of her uniform. "Take a look at this." Ji Yong glanced at her arms. Both of them had dark purple bruises. "And this too," she added and pointed to her head. There was also a dark purple bruise there. Ji Yong looked at her in shock.

"Who did this to you?"

"A psycho by the name of Kang Sung Hoon."

"Why? Doesn't he know guys aren't supposed to hit girls?"

Kyung Hee glanced up at Ji Yong. "Human guys don't hit girls. Kang Sung Hoon is an animal." She sighed again. "But it's okay…I'm used to it by now." Ji Yong squeezed her shoulder.

"Well stop getting use to it. This torture is going to end today."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I'm going to teach this Sung Hoon guy a lesson."

Kyung Hee grabbed Ji Yong and hugged him. "Really?" He nodded. "Yay!" she screamed. "You can do it in P.E. today. His Highness is the champion here but not anymore now that you're here Ji Yong oppa.." Ji Yong gave her a smile and nodded.

"Let's get to class before we're late."

Ji Yong looked at Sung Hoon who had just approached him. "I'm Ko Ji Yong. And I know who you are."

Sung Hoon looked at Kyung Hee. 'Must have told him about me,' he thought. Sung Hoon shrugged his shoulders. "Fame spreads."

Ji Yong looked at him. 'Kyung Hee was right. That conceited bastard!"

Sung Hoon let out a fake cough. "Excuse me, Mr. Ko. I believe you're in my seat." Ji Yong gave him a look.

"I don't think so."

Sung Hoon gave Ji Yong a glare that could freeze an entire ocean. Just then Jae Jin and Jae Duc came in. Sung Hoon waved for them to come over. "Hey guys come over here and meet my new friend." Jae Jin and Jae Duc walked over. "Hey guys," said Sung Hoon. "This is Ko Ji Yong. Apparently, he doesn't know where he's sitting."

Jae Duc gave a little smirk. "Aww…he's new Sung Hoon. He don't know that he's sitting in your place."

Jae Jin nodded and told Ji Yong, "You better move boy. You're sitting with my friend's wife."

Kyung Hee opened her mouth in shock. "He's lying!" Ji Yong looked at all of them. He could tell that Sung Hoon and the other two were lying. He turned around to face Sung Hoon.

"No I don't want to move. I like sitting here."

Sung Hoon was ticked but didn't say anything. He had to stop Jae Jin and Jae Duc from fronting Ji Yong. Sung Hoon just gave a fake smile and said, "I'll see how long you will like sitting there." Then he and the boys left.

Kyung Hee let out a sigh of relief. "Thanks Ji Yong oppa. Everyday that Sung Hoon and his buddies will sit next to me so they could torture me. But now that you're here, they can't do it anymore."

"It's nothing," said Ji Yong. "I'll try my best to stop him from torturing you."

Part 6

~Ring~ It was the last bell of the day.

"Come on Ji Yong oppa! Time for P.E.!"

Kyung Hee and Ji Yong walked to the gym together. When they looked up they saw the janitor fixing the ceiling. Kyung Hee walked up to him. "What are you doing Mr. Seo?"

"Just fixing the ceiling fans Kyung Hee.
These things are sharp and could cut somebody up!
You two kids better get to class now. I have a lot to work to do today."

Kyung Hee and Ji Yong waved bye to Mr. Seo. Then they both went their own separate ways to the locker rooms to change for class.

Sung Hoon sat down on the mat and waited for Kyung Hee and Ji Yong to both come out. Jae Jin sat down next to him while Jae Duc had another class to go to.

"So you gonna kick the crap outta the new guy Sung Hoon?"

"Yeah. That'll teach him to mess with me."

Jae Jin scrached his head. "Dude, I don't get it. The only thing he did was sit next to Kyung Hee. So why you tripping for? You in love with her or something?"

Sugn Hoon glared at him. "Hell no! I don't like her. I just don't want anyone messing with my stuff alright?

"Okay okay. Chill. Hey here they come."

Ji Yong found a place to sit on the mat while Kyung Hee sat next to him. A guy from their P.E. class named Jang Su Won shouted out,

"Hey Kyung Hee! You dump Sugn Hoon for the new guy?"

She yelled back, "Shut up dork!"

Everyone in class, including Ji Yong and Sung Hoon stared at her. Kyung Hee just looked away and pretended not to notice. Then she leaned over and whispered in Ji Yong's ear. "Kick Sung Hoon's butt hard."

Sung Hoon looked at Kyung Hee leaning near Ji Yong. 'Damn you Kyung Hee. Is it so terrible to be known as my girlfriend?' he thought fuming. 'You're going down pretty boy.' He glared at Ji Yong who was also glaring at him back.

Part 7


The whistle blew and class began. Sensei Shim called roll and made everyone sat down.

"Alright now you spineless wimps. Let's see what you've learned these past few weeks. Class will begin with a match. Who are my volunteers?"

Sung Hoon raised his hand. "I will Sensei."

"Ah…Sung Hoon, my number one student. Who else?
Hmm…how about Kyung Hee?"

Kyung Hee shook her head so hard that her hair fell out of her ponytail. Sung Hoon rolled his eyes. "Not today Sensei. How about Ji Yong?"

"Ji Yong?"

Sensei Shim looked at Ji Yong. "Are you the new boy Ko Ji Yong?"

"Yes Sensei," answered Ji Yong.

Sensei Shim rubbed his chin. "Hmm…I don't know Sung Hoon. It might not be fair for Ji Yong to fight against an advanced student like you." Ji Yong stood up. "It's okay. I learned Tae Kwon Doe back at my old school too."

"Really?" asked Sensei Shim. "Then this should be a good match.
Alright everybody. In your places."

Ji Yong and Sung Hoon got in their fighting stances. 'I'm going to wipe that smile off your face,' thought Ji Yong. 'You're going down punk,' Sung Hoon thought back.


Sung Hoon moved forward. 'I'm going to punch him so hard-' but before he knew it, he had fallen down on his back. He was surprised. "How? What?" Ji Yong had sweep kicked him and made Sung Hoon fall.

"Winner Ko Ji Yong!"

"Yay!" shouted Kyung Hee. She ran up and hugged Ji Yong. "You were great! You took him down in less than five seconds!"

"Wait a second!" yelled Sung Hoon.
"There are three rounds in a match. It ain't over yet!"

"Oh yeah," said the Sensei.
"Hold on everyone. We have two more rounds left."

Sung Hoon looked over at where Kyung Hee was sitting. She was massaging Ji Yong's shoulders. He opened his mouth in shock. 'That traitor!' he thought to himself. 'She's on the enemy's side!' His images of choking Kyung Hee was interrupted by Jae Jin calling him.

"Hey Sung Hoon."

"What is it Jae Jin?"

"The new guy Ji Yong is pretty good but by the way he fights,
I know you can beat him. Just don't underestimate him and don't let your guard down.
You can win."

Sung Hoon slapped Jae Jin on the back. "Thanks hyung. I was kind of spacing out there." Jae Jin nodded and understood. 'You'll see that I'm the better guy Kyung Hee,' Sung Hoon mentally tried to tell her.

"You were great Ji Yong oppa!" Kyung Hee said excitedly.

"Thanks. Umm…Kyung Hee?"


"You sure Sung Hoon is the best fighter here? He didn't seem to last very long."

Kyung Hee nodded her head. "He is the best fighter here. I think he didn't last long because you're so much better than him.

"Maybe," said Ji Yong with doubt.

Part 8

"Okay Round Two!" yelled Sensei Shim as he pulled his arm down. "Fight!" Sung Hoon and Ji Yong got into their positions. Ji Yong let out a punch but Sung Hoon caught his arm and flipped him over. During that time Sung Hoon whispered in Ji Yong's ear, "You stay away from my Kyung Hee." Ji Yong fell down surprised at what he had just heard.

"Winner Kang Sung Hoon!" yelled Sensei Shim as he held up Sung Hoon's arm.

Kyung Hee opened her mouth in shock. 'That bastard Sung Hoon won!' She began to tear away at her gi with her teeth. Sung Hoon saw her looking at him. He crossed his eyes and stuck his tongue out at her. 'That jerk is so immature!' "Wait Sensei!" she yelled. "Three rounds remember? One more to go!"

Sensei Shim called for attention. "Okay you losers watching on the sidelines. We have one more round."

Sung Hoon walked up to Kyung Hee. "Don't worry about it. Get ready to kiss my feet when I win Kyung Hee honey."

"Get bent and die Kang Sung Hoon."

Sung Hoon flashed her one of his trademark smiles and went back to take his place. Then he heard Kyung Hee yell out,

"You can do it Ji Yong oppa!"

'Ji Yong oppa?' thought Sung Hoon. 'She never called me oppa!' Sung Hoon knew that he couldn't lose his concentration or he'll lose for sure. 'Win the match first and deal with it later."

'Wow' thought Ji Yong. 'Sung Hoon is good. Hmm…I wonder if he'll be my friend if he does end up beating me. He don't hate Kyung Hee. I think he might even be in love with her! Heh heh…well well..Mr. Tough Guy must be thinking about 'Kisado.' Besides, I haven't met a good match like this in a long time."

"Round Three. Fight!"

This time Sung Hoon let out a punch and Ji Yong caught his arm. He flipped Sung Hoon over but he didn't fall down. Sung Hoon twisted his body back so he fell upright. He sent out a round house kick and knocked Ji Yong down. 'Victory is mine.' Sung Hoon smiled.

"Winner is Kang Sung Hoon!" yelled Sensei Shim. "You were excellent too Ji Yong" he said as he helped Ji Yong up. Ji Yong looked at Sung Hoon and smiled. "You were great. You should show me your moves sometimes." Sung Hoon looked at Ji Yong surprised. He didn't expect Ji Yong to say that. Ji Yong extended out his hand. "Truce? Except don't pick on my dongsang Kyung Hee anymore okay?"

'Dongsang?' thought Sung Hoon. 'That means there's nothing going on between them. I guess this Ji Yong guy ain't so bad after all.' He shook Ji Yong's hand.


Kyung Hee couldn't believe her eyes. Both of them are shaking hands and acting like each other's buddy! She ran up to Ji Yong's side. "Why are you being friends with this jock strap?" Ji Yong placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Come on Kyung Hee. Let's all be friends."

Then Jae Jin had to add his two cents in. "Yeah. Isn't that why you came up here Kyung Hee? To give Sung Hoon his victory kiss?" She looked over at Sung Hoon who was giving her this stupid smile and he was shaking his eyebrows up and down. She brushed off Ji Yong's hand.

"No! And I hate you too Ji Yong!" Then she stomped off.

Part 9

As Kyung Hee walked by the gym door, her hair got caught in the door's hinges. 'Oh great,' she thought. 'It's not like I'm not embarrassed enough already and now this. I bet they're all laughing now.' She began to tug at her hair to pull it loose. However, unsuspecting by anyone, just above Kyung Hee's head was a loose fan's sharp blade. And it was about to fall.

It all just happened so fast.

Something instinctly made Sung Hoon look up. There it was. Just a few more cracks and the heavy twirling fan would fall. Right onto an unsuspecting Kyung Hee. Sung Hoon felt as though time had stopped and everything had frozen in place. But time did not stop. And he was moving.

Images flashed before Sung Hoon's eyes. Kyung Hee would be crushed and killed. Then there will be no more Kyung Hee. How lonely and empty his life would be.

When Kyung Hee turned around to see if anyone was laughing, she saw Sung Hoon's cocky smiling face end in a face of horror. She began to wonder what he was doing. There he was running as fast as he could towards her. It was so fast. She heard a loud crash and felt her body slam against the wall. She blacked out for a second before she realized what was happening.

Too close. That was way way too close. Sung Hoon felt his heart beat so loud that it was pounding in his ears. When he grabbed Kyung Hee he didn't stop running until he made it outside the gym and the wall stopped him. It took him a second to realize that his lips were pressed against something soft. He opened his eyes. 'Oh my GOD!' His eyes got even wider. 'I'm kissing Kyung Hee! She's gonna kill me!' He began to think really fast. 'I'll just close my eyes and pretend like I know nothing.'

It took a while but Kyung Hee finally came back to her senses. She felt something pressed against her entire body. 'Oh my gosh! Sung Hoon is kissing me!' She pushed him off of her. "You pervert!" she yelled as she balled her fists up until her knuckles turn white. Then there was that look on Sung Hoon's face again.

Kyung Hee knew something was wrong. Her hand slowly felt the back of her head. Her long hair was gone. The front was still long but the back was severed all the way up to her shoulders. She was in shock. "How could you do this to me?" she cried out. Sung Hoon shrugged his shoulders.

"Umm….Victory Kiss?"

'I can't believe I said that!' Too late. Sung Hoon saw Kyung Hee turn even angrier. Then he felt a painful slap across his cheek. He turned his head back just in time to see her run away. Then slowly, he went over to the gym doors to pick up what was left of Kyung Hee's hair. Slowly his tears fell upon the shiny black hair he was holding.

Sung Hoon was hurting and it wasn't from the slap. It was a different kind of pain.

Part 10

Kyung Hee didn't stop running until she made it home. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. 'That jerk kissed me!' she repeated to herself over and over. 'That was my first kiss too! It was supposed to be for the guy of my dreams. Not a walking nightmare like Sung Hoon!' "Why does Kang Sung Hoon hate me so much?" she asked herself out loud. "What did I ever do to him?"

Kyung Hee touched the back of her head. Her hair really is gone.

Five more years later….

During this time changes both happen for Kyung Hee and Sung Hoon. (*They're 18 and in high school)

Kyung Hee became more distant towards everyone. Everybody assumed it was because of her hair. She was no longer the sociable, bubbly girlie but now she became a silent aggressive jock. She traded in her baby tees, hair bows, skirts, and platforms for sweatshirts, baseball caps, tennis shoes, and baggy jeans. She would hang out with the nerds and jocks and just about anybody except for the popular girls (who are all stuck up). No one dared to mess with Kyung Hee though. She developed a reputation for herself as a fighter when she managed to beat up the biggest girl bully in school. Kyung Hee is a really small and skinny person but no one could really tell underneath all of her clothes (so she seems bulky).

Jae Jin and Jae Duc stopped teasing Kyung Hee as time passed too. They've gotten more mature and dated around too. Kyung Hee still talks to Ji Yong but she had stopped calling him oppa.

Ever since that incident, Sung Hoon knew that Kyung Hee had changed. He had toned down on picking on her but he didn't stop. He knew it was the only way and excuse he had if he wanted to talk to her. When he entered high school, he brought along his popularity and good looks with him. Sung Hoon became every girl's dream guy. Well-built body, styling hair, seductive eyes, and a killer smile. He dated every girl that every guy in his school want to date.

But sadly no matter how many girls he dated, they all mean nothing to him. He was never able to tell Kyung Hee how he really felt about her so he planned on keeping it silent forever.

Part 11

"Heads up!"

Kyung Hee looked up and caught the ball that was aimed towards her.

Sung Hoon started jumping around and yelling,
"For the honor of football, Kyung Hee is She-Man!"

"Go back into the cave where you crawled from Porcupine,"
she snapped back, referring to his hair. She threw the ball back at him.

'Porcupine? It took me an hour to get my hair like this!' Sung Hoon thought. 'Damn why does her words have to get on my nerves so much. No one else can ever do that!' "Aww…you grouchy because everytime you look at me you know you can only look but can't touch?"

"Puh-lease…If I touch you I might get a disease."

"Poor Kyung Hee. Gonna die a single, lonely old nun."

Kyung Hee gave him a secretive smile. "Just because I don't date around like you do doesn't mean anything. And beside….how do you know I'm single?" Sung Hoon looked at her. 'Is she dating someone I don't know?' He was about to ask but just then Shin Chun Ok (Sung Hoon's latest girlfriend) walked up and interrupted their disses.

"Sung Hoonee!"

She ran up to squeeze him. Sung Hoon rolled his eyes. 'Damn Chun Ok. Why did she have to be here? She's so annoying!' But he gave her a smile anyways.

"So what are you doing here?"

"I want you to take a look at my dress!"

It was a tight little black V-neck dress that showed plenty. And Chun Ok was a little chubby too.

"It's nice."

Sung Hoon really didn't care anyways. He planned to break up with her soon. Kyung Hee was watching them the whole time. She rolled her eyes. Chun Ok caught Kyung Hee watching them. She began to talk to Kyung Hee in her fake sugary voice.

"I know what you're thinking. But sorry this dress doesn't come in a large."

Kyung Hee gave her a fake smile. "No but your mouth sure does." Then she walked away. Chun Ok rolled her eyes behind Kyung Hee's back. "Whatever." Sung Hoon glared at her. He didn't like it when other people made fun of Kyung Hee just because she dressed like a guy.

"You didn't have to say that you know."

Chun Ok stomped her feet. "Why do you always take her side?" she whined.

Sung Hoon just walked away.

"Sung Hoonee!"

Part 12

Sung Hoon waited for Kyung Hee after school but didn't see her so he decided to drop by her house. She wasn't home but her grandpa was.

"Sung Hoon! Long time no see! Come in."

"Hi Grandpa So. Is Kyung Hee home?"

"No. She told me she's going out with her boyfriend."

"Boyfriend? Who is he?"

Grandpa So gave him a little smile. "Sung Hoon. You're old now. Don't be teasing an old man. You and Kyung Hee still pretending to hate each other while you both know that you both have a burning attraction."

"Attraction?! Hell NO!"

Grandpa So just smiled. "Okay I'll just play along. She'll be home later. The sooner you meet up with her the sooner you'll see her." Sung Hoon smiled and shook his head. Grandpa So always wanted him and Kyung Hee to be together. "Okay. Good bye Grandpa So."

"Bye Sung Hoon."

[8 hours later…]

Sung Hoon banged on the So's front door. Grandpa So answered it. "Is Kyung Hee home?"

Grandpa So yawned. "No. Where is she?"

"I don't know! I wasn't with her."

"It's okay Sung Hoon. She's a big girl now.
She can take care of herself."

"It's late. It's past midnight right now. Aren't you worried?
What kind of grandfather are you?"

"Kyung Hee's been out this late for the past two months.
Why are you so worried?"

Sung Hoon blushed. "I'm not worried." Grandpa So yawned some more. "You can wait here if you want." "No. I"ll go out and look for her," said Sung Hoon. Then he left.

Sung Hoon began to walk down the street. He sat on the curb and waited. Ten minutes later he saw Kyung Hee walking up the path with a dreamy look on her face. He was so happy to see her but he was also very mad. He ran up to her.

"What is wrong with you? What is a girl like you doing out so late on a school night?"

Kyung Hee looked at him surprised. "None of your business." Then she began walking home. He followed her. Sung Hoon knew he couldn't ask but the thought of Kyung Hee with another guy was tearing at him inside.

"Well your grandpa was worried."

"I can take care of myself."

They made it home together in silence. Kyung Hee came home and closed the door. Sung Hoon watched her go in and saw the door as a sign. 'She has shut me out of her life forever.

Part 13

A couple more weeks had pass. With Sung Hoon's popularity, he used everyone he could to find out who Kyung Hee was dating. But it was no use. No one was able to find out. He broke up with Chun Ok and she knew it was because of Kyung Hee too. She was mad but wasn't able to do anything to Kyung Hee because she was threatened by Sung Hoon. Also she was afraid of Kyung Hee too. Not knowing who Kyung Hee was dating was bothering Sung Hoon so much he couldn't sleep. There was only one thing left for him to do. Spy on her…

It was 11 p.m. Kyung Hee had left her house and took a taxi. Sung Hoon began to follow her silently in his car. It took twenty minutes but then Sung Hoon saw Kyung Hee get off at a park. He parked his car away from her view and got out of his car. He snuck up to a bush nearby and watched her. Then he saw her run up to a strange guy he has never seen before. 'I wonder who he is.' Then Sung Hoon began to analyze Kyung Hee. 'Figured she wouldn't dress up. Not even for a date.' "Miss Tomboy."

"Ji Won honey!"

Kyung Hee ran up to hug her boyfriend.

"I miss you. I also have something to tell you."

"I miss you too."

Ji Won held her. He tried to stroke her hair but like always, it was tucked inside that stupid baseball cap. Kyung Hee looked at him. He didn't seem to happy to see her. "Is something wrong?" she asked. Ji Won nodded and told her to sit down. He held both of her hands.

"Is there something you want to say Kyung Hee?"

"You go first Ji Won."

"It's us. I don't think it's working out."


"Well…we're not compatible."

"What do you mean? We like the same things."

Ji Won gave an exasperated sigh. "We like the same things that guy buddies should like. Not like couples. I thought I'd get over it but you're really not attractive."

"What?!" she asked in surprise.

"I mean look at you Kyung Hee. I mean sure you're pretty, I think
But I can't tell from your hat covering half your face. I don't even know how long your hair is!
And you dress like a guy!" and he continued listing her bad qualities….

Sung Hoon looked at Kyung Hee from where he was sitting. He could tell she was trying her best not to cry. Her feelings weren't hurt but her pride was. 'Ji Won…hmm…he looks and sounds familiar…' he thought. Sung Hoon chewed on his lip for a while and then it hit him. 'He's that stupid kid that locked me in the refrigerator!'

Sung Hoon felt anger rising inside him as he looked at Ji Won. As he was listening, he began to realize Ji Won was putting Kyung Hee down as he was breaking up with her. 'Don't you dare hurt Kyung Hee like that.' Sung Hoon came out from where he hid.

Part 14

"You understand don't you Kyung Hee?"

Ji Won looked at her. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She was about to answer but then her eyes widened when she saw Sung Hoon walking up to them. 'Oh no! He's going to make fun of me because I just got dumped.'


Sung Hoon ran up to Kyung Hee and hugged her hard. Then he spun her around.

"Gosh I miss you!"

"Huh? Who are you calling hon-"

Sung Hoon got Kyung Hee in a head lock and closed her mouth just in time. He looked over at Ji Won who was looking at them both in shock. "Who the hell are you?" asked Sung Hoon.

"I'm Eun Ji Won. And who are you? Why are you calling my girlfriend honey?"

"I'm Kang Sung Hoon and you got it wrong pal.
Kyung Hee is my girlfriend."

Kyung Hee looked at Sung Hoon. 'What is he doing?' Then she realized she was still in a head lock. "Let go! Your armpit smells!" Sung Hoon twisted her away and whispered, "You want me to help you from being embarrassed or not?" She nodded her head. "Then stop dissing me!" Then Sung Hoon turned them both around to face Ji Won. He gave Ji Won his famous smile.

"Oh so you're the guy Kyung Hee tells me that's a lousy kisser."

Just to prove his point, Sung Hoon bent over to kiss Kyung Hee. The kiss came out awkward and he ended up kissing her nose instead.

Ji Won gave them both cold glares. "I don't know what the hell you're talking about but I just dumped Kyung Hee so you can have her."

Sung Hoon let out a loud fake laugh. He faced Kyung Hee. "Honey you're so sweet. You didn't want this loser to feel bad so you let him think that he's dumping you."

'Thank you,' she thought silently. She smiled and nodded. "I had to dear."

Ji Won looked at them in disgust. "Hope you two are very happy together!" Then he left.

Part 15

Kyung Hee sat down on the bench. 'God…I hope she's not gonna cry,' prayed Sung Hoon as he sat down next to her.

"Go ahead and laugh."


"I know you want to. Now is the perfect time to make fun of me."

Sung Hoon wanted so bad to put his arms around her and let her cry on his shoulders.

Naww…not in the mood tonight. I'll save it for some other time."

Then suddenly Kyung Hee began to cry.

"You're not crying over that jerk are you?"

"Why do you care?" she yelled at him.

"I…I don't care except I think you're wasting your tears."

Sung Hoon felt his heart breaking as he saw Kyung Hee cry. 'He's not worth it,' he thought but he kept those words to himself. 'She'll never cry over me.'

"No. I'm not crying over him."

"Yeah right."

"No really. I'm not."

"Then why are you crying?"

Sung Hoon felt a bubble of hope rise inside him. Kyung Hee let out a sigh. "My parents are going to come visit me tomorrow and they want to meet my boyfriend." Sung Hoon looked at her.

"So…what are you gonna do now that Mr. Wonderful is gone?"

"I don't know. Gosh I'm such a loser."

Sung Hoon let out a fake sigh. "Well…I can pretend that I'm your boyfriend."

Kyung Hee looked at him surprised. "You'll help me?" 'Maybe Sung Hoon isn't so bad after all. I guess he can be really sweet sometimes.' Just looking into Kyung Hee's big warm brown eyes wanted to make him tell her all of his feelings. But he couldn't.

"Yeah. It's Be Kind To Geek Week."

Kyung Hee stood up. "I don't need your help you conceited snob! I'll just ask Ji Yong!" Then he ran off. "Damn!" Sung Hoon cursed himself. "Why did I have to say that?" he asked himself. But he received no answer.

Part 16

~Ding dong~

"Mommy! Daddy!"

"Kyung Hee!"

Kyung Hee hugged her parents as they came inside the house. "We miss you so much." "I miss you too." Then Grandpa So came out and they all had tea while they talked. After a while the subject of her boyfriend came up. Her mother asked her,

"So Kyung Hee dear, where is that boyfriend you have always been talking about?"


Kyung Hee glanced at the clock. It was 7:30. 'Damn Ji Yong is half an hour late! Ji Yong, why aren't you here yet?' It seemed to be an answer because just then the front door bell rang. She jumped up and ran for the door.

"I'll get it! It must be him."

She opened the door. "I'm so glad you're hereù" but she was cut off by her scream. It was not Ji Yong but that thing Kang Sung Hoon. He was holding flowers and he leaned over to hug her. "I miss you too honey!" he said really loud for everyone to hear. Kyung Hee blocked the door but he made it inside her house anyways.

"Hi Mr. and Mrs. So. Hello Grandpa So.
I've heard so much about you from Kyung Hee. My name is Kang Sung Hoon."

He shook hands with all of Kyung Hee's parents. The parents nodded their heads in approval. The grandpa just smiled. He knew what was going on. He didn't say anything because his wish for Kyung Hee to be with Sung Hoon is going to come true.

"So you must be the boyfriend Kyung Hee is always talking about."

"I think so. Kyung Hee is the best thing that ever happened to me.
I can see she got all her good qualities from her family."

Kyung Hee rolled her eyes while she listened to Sung Hoon's political speech. 'He must be the world's best liar!' But her parents were pleased. They like Sung Hoon. But then her mother asked, "Do you know the young boy who lives next door?" 'Oh no,' thought Kyung Hee.

Sung Hoon raised an eyebrow. "Umm...kinda. Why Mrs. So?"

"Kyung Hee mentions that boy too. She said he was an annoying pest but we haven't gotten the chance to meet him yet. So I just want to see if you know him too."

'Annoying pest?' he thought. 'I'll let that one slide.' "I do know him Mrs. So but he's not an annoying pest. It's just that a long time ago...Kyung Hee wanted to date him but she could NOT so she has a grudge against him." Kyung Hee opened her mouth but quickly shut it. She need Sung Hoon's help so she couldn't say anything. Her mother asked, "Is that true dear?"

Kyung Hee gritted her teeth. "Yes it is mommy."

Sung Hoon smiled. They sat down and talked. Hours past and it was getting late and he had to go home.

"Well it was a pleasure meeting you Mr. and Mrs. So. Good night."

"Good night Sung Hoon."

"I'll walk him home," said Kyung Hee.

Part 17

Just as they got out the door Kyung Hee slammed Sung Hoon against the wall.

"What the hell are you doing here? Where is Ji Yong?"

Sung Hoon smiled and said, "Is this how you treat your boyfriend?"

"Answer me!"

"Ji Yong couldn't make it so I decided to help him out."

"Oh no. My parents are staying for two weeks! Ji Yong can't pretend to be my boyfriend then."

Sung Hoon gave out a sigh. "Well, I guess I'll torture myself for a few weeks and pretend to be your boyfriend. Kyung Hee looked at him suspiciously. "How do I know you didn't do anything to Ji Yong to take his place?" Sung Hoon was stunned. He hadn't thought about Kyung Hee thinking that. Truth was, he had to beg Ji Yong to let him take his place. But Sung Hoon played it smoothly. "Yeah right. Look at you Kyung Hee. Only an idiot would date you. What makes you think that I would do this if it wasn't for a buddy?"

Kyung Hee looked at him with doubt. But then Sung Hoon continued talking. "Besides, this means you have to be nice to me or your parents will find out the truth." It seemed like blackmail to her.

"Oh I'll be nice to you alright," she said as she raised her fist. But just then her dad opened the door and she dropped her fist immediately. "That's so cute. You don't want to say goodbye to Sung Hoon? Stay out with him then. It's just ten but be home by midnight. There's school tomorrow."

"Thanks Mr. So," said Sung Hoon and he pulled Kyung Hee away before she could answer. "I'll have her back by midnight." He took her hand and led her to the park.

"Okay. Here are the rules if you want me to be your boyfriend."

"Rules? Puh-leaze! I don't want to date you!"

"Oh yeah? Tell that to your parents then."

That made Kyung Hee shut up. She listened as Sung Hoon went on.

"First of all, I have good taste. My girlfriends will be wearing dresses and smell good. And you look like a guy! And you smellù" Sung Hoon took a whiff of her. "Eww! You smell like a guy too!"

Kyung Hee took a smell herself. "Do not!"

"Do too! Second rule. When we kiss you have to promise to let go because I know you can't help yourself and you'll end up gluing yourself to me."

Kyung Hee gave him a disgusted look. "Gross! That's my rule! No kissing!"

Sung Hoon cocked an eyebrow. "Won't it look weird if you never kiss your boyfriend?"

Kyung Hee shuddered form the thought of kissing Sung Hoon. "The things I do just to please my parents.

"Hey I'm the one who's sacrificing. Now I have to go two weeks without dating any girl.
I'm supposed to be with a beauty and not a beast."

Kyung Hee sighed. "Alright. Then go ahead. Kiss me."


"You heard me. Remember when you kissed me in front of Ji Won? You were aiming for my mouth weren't you? But you missed and hit my nose. I guess we have to practice."

Sung Hoon swallowed. He always imagined what it would be like to kiss Kyung Hee but he didn't really think he was going to have that chance. "Well at least take off your cap so I know I'm kissing a girl." Kyung Hee took her cap off. Long strands of hair fell down past her shoulders and down her back. Sung Hoon ran his hand through her hair. "Hey your hair grew back!"


"Why do you always keep it up in a cap then?"

"Oh I don't know. May be because I have a fear that a psycho would chop it off."

Sung Hoon pulled his hand away. "Look it was an accident. Besides, it was five years ago. Can't you forget and move on already?"

"How would you feel if I cut your hair?"

"It's different because my hair is nice while yours is nappy," he said.

"Oh yeah? Could have fooled me.
I thought your hair was a dead animal with all those spikes."

"So are we gonna kiss or not?" he asked.

Kyung Hee sighed. "If you only would stop making fun of me."

"Okay I guess I have to stop for now since I'm your boyfriend." Then she slowly closed her eyes. Sung Hoon looked at her. Her innocent face reminded him of all the good times they had together. Well actually, good for him, nightmare for her. But there she was standing very close to him. Eyes closed, her long hair swaying. Then he bent forward to kiss her. And there it was. Magic and fireworks.

It was a feeling he couldn't describe. He never felt this way when he kissed a girl before. And he knew it too because he had kissed a lot before. Kyung Hee wrapped her arms around Sung Hoon's neck. 'Hmm...I never felt like this when I kiss Ji Won. I could kiss Sung Hoon forever. Wait a minute....what the hell am I thinking?' Kyung Hee broke the kiss off. "Okay that's enough practice." She put her cap back on because she knew her face was turning red. Sung Hoon was kind of disappointed that it had to end so soon.

"Uh, yeah. Come on Kyung Hee. I'll walk you home."

Part 18

[School, the Next Day]

Sung Hoon stopped by Kyung Hee's locker. He forgot to discuss with her if they were going to pretend to be a couple in school or not. 'I hope so. Maybe I'll get to kiss her again,' he thought with a smile. Then he saw Ji Won walking up to him. "What are you doing here?" Ji Won gave him a smirk. "I transferred here. I just want to know for sure if you and Kyung Hee have been dating."

Sung Hoon began to sweat. 'Uh oh.' "Of course we have and it's been for a long time too." Ji Won gave him a look that showed Sung Hoon that he didn't believe a word he said. "Oh really? Then let me ask someone." Ji Won grabbed Su Won as he was walking by. "Hey you. Who is So Kyung Hee's boyfriend?"

Sung Hoon looked at Su Won. "Oh that's easy! It's Kang Sung Hoon."

"It is?"

"Yeah," said Su Won. "They've been together forever. They're like a married couple!" Ji Won let Su Won go. "See?" said Sung Hoon with a cocky smile. "So what?" Ji Won snapped back. "She acts and looks like a guy anyways."

"Sung Hoon honey!"

Sung Hoon and Ji Won turned around to see who was calling Sung Hoon. Both of them did a double take. It was Kyung Hee and she looked damn fine. Her hair was put up but strands fell down layering her face. She was wearing a light blue slip dress that emphasized her great figure and matching platforms. The school's tomboy had just turned into the school's prom queen. She looked like an angel. Sung Hoon couldn't take his eyes off of her. Neither could Ji Won.

"Sung Hoon!" She went up and kissed him on the cheek. "Are you waiting for me?"

Sung Hoon finally snapped out of it. "Uh...yeah." Then he leaned over to give her a real kiss. 'I can kiss her anytime I want to now that she's my girlfriend,' he thought. Heh heh. Kyung Hee turned around. "Oh hi Ji Won. What are you doing here?" Ji Won looked at her awkwardly. "Um...hi Kyung Hee. I just transferred here. You sure look pretty today." Kyung Hee gave him a smile. "Thanks. Well nice seeing you. Sung Hoon and I have to go to class now. Bye.." Sung Hoon wrapped his arm around her waist and led her to class, leaving Ji Won looking after them.

As they entered the door, Jae Jin and Jae Duc ran up to Sung Hoon. But then they saw Kyung Hee. Jae Jin gave her a little smile. "Hi. I'm Lee Jae Jin. I'm single and ready to mingle. And you are?" Kyung Hee rolled her eyes. Then it was Jae Duc's turn. "Can I check your dress to see if you were made in heaven?"

"It's me Kyung Hee. And those were the lamest lines I've ever heard."

Jae Jin and Jae Duc opened their mouths in shock. "No way!" yelled Jae Jin. "But you're a girl!"

"I've always been a girl!"

"You know what Kyung Hee? I've always had a crush on you," Jae Duc said to her sweetly. "Back off guys," said Sung Hoon. "She's my girl." Jae Duc pouted his lips. "Damn it figures."

Then Ji Won came in. 'Damn,' he thought. 'She never looked this good before.' He wanted her back an he always gets his way...

Part 19

The next two weeks went by fast. Sung Hoon acted like the perfect boyfriend. He treated her nice and was always there by her side with flowers. Her parents like him a lot. Before Sung Hoon knew it, his dating charade with Kyung Hee was over and so was school. Her parents stayed until their graduation and then afterwards they took a plane back to the U.S. Then entire graduated class decided to go on a campout because it will be the last time they will see each other since everyone is going their separate way to college.

[The Camping Trip]

Everyone was sitting around the campfire and talking. Chun Ok had sat herself between Sung Hoon and Kyung Hee. Ji Won was watching Kyung Hee the whole time. Jae Duc was telling a scary story about a psycho killer in the woods.

"He goes around chopping of peoples' heads and he especially likes girls.
Heh heh…"

Jae Jin threw a stick at him. "That's a stupid story Duc-ee."

Ji Yong threw in more wood into the fire. "But I heard it's true though."

Su Won widened his eyes. "For real?"

Sung Hoon laughed. "Oh come on. It's a bunch of bull. Even if it is for real, he'll just be after the girls." He gave Kyung Hee a supposedly scary face but it turned out so goofy she ended up laughing. Chun Ok grabbed onto Sung Hoon though. "Sung Hoonee! I'm scared. Hold me."

Sung Hoon was taken by surprise. He tried to pry Chun Ok off of him but she held on tight. Kyung Hee glared at them both. 'That Casanova. Just because every time he smiles his eyes would light up and his hair is so soft he thinks he's-' Kyung Hee stopped herself. 'What am I thinking? It sounds like I want him or something.' She stood up. "Excuse me but I think I'll got for a walk." Then she left.

Ji Won stood up too. "I think I'll take a walk too."

That alarmed Sung Hoon. 'He is not going to take a walk with my Kyung Hee.' He ended up having to force Chun Ok off of him and ran where he saw Kyung Hee disappeared. Chun Ok was mad. "Kang Sung Hoon, you come back here!" Everyone at the campfire started giggling.

[Somewhere in the woods]

Kyung Hee looked all around her. 'It figures. Sung Hoon wouldn't come after me,' she thought sadly. 'I mean why would he?' Then she heard a voice. "Kyung Hee!" She smiled and turned around. It was only Ji Won. Her face fell. "Oh hi Ji Won."

He sat down on a rock next to her. "Aren't you going to come back to take Sung Hoon away from the Chun Ok girl?" She shook her head. "No…I guess they're mean to be together." Ji Won looked at her. "Kind of like you and me?" Kyung Hee scooted herself away as her eyes widened. "Uh, Ji Won. It's over between us." Ji Won grabbed her hands. "But you can give me a second chance!" She pulled her hands away. Then Ji Won asked her, "Remember what you told me what you wished for a long time ago?"


"You said you wanted to find your first true love and be with him forever." Kyung Hee stood still. She did say that. Ji Won was her first love. But then she thought of Sung Hoon. Or is it Sung Hoon? "I don't know!" she yelled as she took off running. Ji Won smiled. 'She's coming back to me.'

Part 20

As Ji Won walked back to camp he heard a voice calling for Kyung Hee. He recognized Sung Hoon's voice. In the middle of the road Ji Won looked down. He saw a huge hole that was about ten feet deep. Ji Won gave an evil smile. He had a plan. He began to rustle the leaves near the hole.

Sung Hoon heard a noise. 'Is it Kyung Hee?' "Kyung Hee is that you?" No answer. "Come out come out wherever you are." The leaves continue to rustle. 'What if she's hurt and couldn't answer?' Sung Hoon started to walk towards the noise and ended up falling into the trap. It was so cold and dark in there. Sung Hoon began to panic.


Ji Won came out from where he was hiding. "Hey Sung Hoon. Looking for something?"

Sung Hoon looked up and saw Ji Won's face. "Damn you Eun Ji Won! Get me out!" Ji Won just smiled. "This all seems so familiar. You know, it took me a while but then I remembered. Didn't I do this to you before ten years ago?"

Sung Hoon started to tremble. Because of what Ji Won did to him, he had a fear of the dark and being trapped alone. But he wasn't going to show it. Sung Hoon glared at Ji Won. "So what? I don't give a damn. Just get me out!"

Ji Won laughed. "I guess history repeats itself when you mess with me or anything of mine. This time I mean Kyung Hee. She is my girlfriend and I want you out of the way. And I guess this solves my problem."

"Kyung Hee don't like you! She's with me."

"Oh really? Didn't seem like it when your ex held you like that. I guess you can't let your first love go and I think you know that I'm Kyung Hee's first. She'll come back to me."

Sung Hoon sat down on the cold ground. Kyung Hee did say that before. 'Is she going to go back to him?' As he was thinking, Ji Won had left already. Sung Hoon looked up. "Hey!" His worst nightmare had came back and this time Kyung Hee was not there to save him. He was stuck here all alone in the dark. "Kyung Hee…where are you?"

After a while Kyung Hee headed back to camp. She took out her flashlight to shine her way back on the main path.

[Down in the pit]

Sung Hoon looked up and saw a beam of light. He stood up. "Help!"

Kyung Hee looked around. 'Was someone calling for help?' "Hello? Is someone out there?"


Kyung Hee ran to where the voice came from. She saw Sung Hoon jumping up and down in a hole. "Sung Hoon! What are you doing down there?"

"I fell in. Help me out!"

"Okay." She placed her flashlight on the ground. Then she reached over and tried to pull Sung Hoon up but he was too heavy for her. "I can't"

"What do you mean you can't? Use those puny muscles you have!"

"You're too heavy! Let me go back to camp for help."

"Hell no! What if you leave me here?"

"What? I'm not like that!"

"How do I know?"

"Sung Hoon. Let go!"


Sung Hoon ended up pulling Kyung Hee into the pit with him. She landed on top of him. She got up and started yelling at him. "You selfish jerk! Now we're both stuck down here!" Sung Hoon backed up against the wall. Then he started yelling. "Damn! Not again! Why me? Why does it have to be so dark?" Kyung Hee looked at him. "You're afraid of the dark?"

"Yeah! You got a problem?"

Kyung Hee looked at him surprised. "No." She started to look at the real Kang Sung Hoon for the first time in a long time. The smart-aleck tough guy was gone. And there he was. The innocent and vulnerable Sung Hoon she first fell in love with when she was eight. But she still hasn't realized it yet….

Part 21

Sung Hoon started to gasp for air. That scared Kyung Hee. "Sung Hoon….are you okay?" He shook his head. Then suddenly, he leaned over and hugged her hard. He buried his face into her neck and didn't let go. Kyung Hee stood still. She didn't know what to do. "Sung Hoon…are you okay?" Still no answer.

She continued to hold him as he shivered in her arms. She ran her fingers through his hair and whispered in his ear like he was a little child that needed comforting. Sung Hoon began to breathe easier and calmed down. Then he realized he was holding onto Kyung Hee a little too hard. He let go, his face blushing. "Uh, sorry about that. I didn't mean to."

"It's okay."

Sung Hoon gazed at Kyung Hee from the light that the moon shone on her. Her eyes were closed. She was like a sleeping angel. She looked like it too with her raven hair flowing down her back, her little white dress, and she was so naturally beautiful that she didn't need make-up. Sung Hoon began to lean forward to kiss her but then suddenly she opened her eyes. He pulled back instantly, his cheeks turning red. 'Crap! Did she know what I was about to do?'

Kyung Hee patted him on the shoulder. "Hey Sung Hoon…"


"Look. There's a full moon out tonight."

Sung Hoon looked up at the sky. The moon was full and bright. Then he looked over at Kyung Hee, who was smiling. Then she asked him, "Do you remember when we were ten, we saw the moon's reflection on the lake? You told me the moon was a ball so I would go in and get it."

Sung Hoon smiled when he reminisced about his childhood past. It had been a happy one ever since he met Kyung Hee. "Yeah. You went into the lake and started to get the moon ball. And you kept asking me why the ball would disappear everytime you came near it. You were so stupid!" He started laughing. Kyung Hee gave him a look. That made him stop laughing. But then she gave him a little smile to show that she wasn't mad and it made him feel better.

"Yeah because of your dumb lies I almost ended up drowning."

"Yeah…I had to jump in and save you. I was so worried."

Kyung Hee looked at him. "Were you?"

Sung Hoon faced her. He was gazing directly into her eyes. He always thought the best part about Kyung Hee were her eyes. They were big, innocent, and honest. Every time he looks back, he always remember them as the first thing he saw when he met her. "Yeah kinda. I mean if you ended up drowning then I have no one else to pick on."

Kyung Hee looked down and smiled. She knew what Sung Hoon really meant though. They continued talking about their past and before they knew it, they both fell asleep on each other's shoulders.

Part 22

It was morning when Ji Won woke up. He went over to Kyung Hee's tent but she wasn't there. He patted Chun Ok on the shoulder. "Hey Chun Ok. Do you know where Kyung Hee is?" Chun Ok rolled her eyes. "That girl hasn't been back all night and neither was Sung Hoon. She must haveù"

Ji Won left before she could finish talking. "Ahh!" she screamed because no one ever listened to her.

Ji Won called the others so they can help look for Kyung Hee but he had the feeling she was with Sung Hoon. He took them to the place where Sung Hoon had fell. Sure enough, there they both were. Kyung Hee was leaning against Sung Hoon asleep. Ji Won was mad. "Hey!" The yell woke up Sung Hoon and Kyung Hee up. They glanced up to see what it was.

Sung Hoon stood up. "Hey you guys, help us out!" Jae Duc started laughing as he pulled Sung Hoon up. "Ooo...Sung Hoonee...what were you and Miss Kyung Hee doing down there all night?"

Everyone else except Ji Won laughed. "Shut up Duc-ee" said Sung Hoon. Then he leaned over to help Kyung Hee up. "Let's go home," Sung Hoon said to the others.

It was evening by the time Sung Hoon got home. He was exhausted so he took a shower and headed straight for bed. He looked over at Kyung Hee's room, who was exactly across from his. Her lights were out so she must be asleep. Sung Hoon sat down on his desk and began writing in his journal. He had kept one ever since he was ten and he wrote in it whenever something came up. When he finished his entry, he turned off his lights and went to sleep too.

It was eleven at night when Sung Hoon woke up. It was dark out but he couldn't sleep anymore so headed downstairs to look for something to eat. His mom was in the kitchen.

"Hi mommy."

"Hi Sung Hoonee." She walked over to kiss him on the forehead. "How was camping?"

"It was fun."

He sat down at the table with his mom. She touched his hair and let out a sigh. "What's wrong mommy?" He began eating his noodles.

"Nothing son. It's just that you're all grown up and going to be off to college soon."

"Don't worry mommy. It's only a couple of hours from here. I'll be back to visit you and dad often."

His mom smiled. "I know. Can you believe it? You and Kyung Hee know each other for ten years now and in just two more days it will be the last time you'll ever see each other." Sung Hoon choked on his food.


"Oh didn't you know? Kyung Hee came over an hour ago and made those noodles for us. She told me she's leaving for the U.S. with her boyfriend in just 2 more days."


"Yes. A boy from your class. I think his name is Ji Won."

Sung Hoon stopped eating. 'So Kyung Hee is going to go back to Ji Won.' His mom looked at his unfinished food. "Something wrong dear?" Sung Hoon shook his head. "No mommy. I'm full. I think I'll go to my room."

Part 23

Sung Hoon leaned over his bedroom window. He saw Kyung Hee changing her clothes. Just then she glanced over and saw Sung Hoon watching her. She threw a shirt at him. "What do you think you're doing you Peeping Tom?" He blocked her shirt. "Can you come over?" Kyung Hee looked at him. 'He looks so sad.' She nodded. "Okay."

Sung Hoon pulled her across from her house and into his room. She sat down and started to look around. She never had been in Sung Hoon's room before but he was always in hers. "Well what do you want to talk about?" Sung Hoon looked at her with sad eyes. " it true you're going to the U.S. in two days?"

"Oh you heard about it already?"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Why do you care anyways?"

Sung Hoon got mad. "Why do you always assume that if there's something involving you that I don't care?" Sung Hoon started to front her as she backed up into a corner. She was shocked. She never saw Sung Hoon this mad before. "Because you never seemed to care before." Sung Hoon grabbed her wrists and held them up. "Well you know what? I DO care." He began to let her go. "It's just that you don't care about me enough to realize it." He sat down on his bed.

Kyung Hee sat down next to him. "Sung Hoon...what's wrong?"


"Please tell me." Sung Hoon looked at Kyung Hee. His mind kept telling him that this will be the last time he will ever see her. 'It's now or never.' Sung Hoon took a deep breath and told her exactly how he felt.

"I love you."

Kyung Hee stood up in shock. "What?!"

Sung Hoon stood up with her. "I love you." Kyung Hee couldn't believe her ears. " you know what you're saying?" He nodded his head. "Yes and I do mean it. I love you So Kyung Hee." She moved away from him.

"Do you know what you're saying? I'm going to leave Korea in just two more days with Ji Won.
I'm planning to be with him forever."

Sung Hoon nodded his head sadly. "I know. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that." Kyung Hee sighed in relief. "It's okay." But then it hit Sung Hoon. "NO!" Kyung Hee looked at him surprised. "What do you mean 'No'"? He looked at her directly. "Why should I be sorry for saying that I love you? It's the truth!"

Kyung Hee backed up again and then she began to cry. Sung Hoon tried to move near her to comfort her but she pushed him away. "No! After all this time you say that you love me?" He looked at her sadly.

Kyung Hee looked at him through her tears. "I'm sorry Sung Hoon. I want to be with the one I love."

Sung Hoon looked at her back. "But do you really love him?" She paused. She thought about it and couldn't find the answer herself. So she didn't answer and looked away. Sung Hoon thought that was the answer. "It's okay because if I do truly love you then all I can wish for is for you to be happy." He leaned over to hold her shoulders and kissed her on the forehead. "Goodbye."

Kyung Hee looked at him as he walked away. "Sung Hoon...wait."

He felt hope go through him. "Yes?"

"Is it okay if I take something of yours as a memory?"

That flicker of hope instantly died. He bowed his head down. "Go ahead. Take anything you want." Then he left his room and Kyung Hee left too. Sung Hoon didn't know it but his journal was gone.

Part 24


"Boarding Flight Number 637! All passengers please come aboard at this time."

Kyung Hee looked out the window of her airplane seat, looking at Korea for the last time. Ji Won sat down next to her. He held her hand and gave her a little smile. "Don't worry sweetie. It'll be okay just as long as we're together." Kyung Hee gave him a weak smile and nodded. Ji Won looked at her carefully.

"You sure are pretty today. Remember back then when you were so much like a guy?
I mean I couldn't believe that I had dated you back then."

Kyung Hee was taken aback. 'Does look always have to matter?' she thought. She sighed and didn't listen to Ji Won as he continued talking. She pulled out of her handbag the book she took from Sung Hoon. She didn't know exactly what it was except that it had Sung Hoon's name on it.

She opened it up. 'Oh my gosh! I took his journal!' She closed the book instantly. Her curiosity got the best of her. She opened it up. The book was held in place by something. She took it out and saw the it was a little bundle strand of hair tied together by an ivory ribbon. She realized it was her hair and the ribbon was the same one Sung Hoon took from her when he pulled on her pigtails.

Tears fell down her face as she held onto her hair. 'Sung had loved me so long ago?' She began reading his entries.

October 20

Too close. I can't believe it. It had all happened so fast that I didn't have time to think. I would have lost Kyung Hee if I hadn't seen that fan falling. If it did fall and kill Kyung Hee...what would become of me? She'll be gone forever, leaving me in this cruel and lonely world. You would have thought that I would have told her that I loved her right then because I came so close to losing her. But I didn't. When I pushed her out of the way in time, I also chopped off her beautiful long hair. I know it was her prized possession. I said something really stupid and now she hates me forever. Why must I always hurt the one I love the most?

Kyung Hee paused in shock. After all these years, she had blamed Sung Hoon for cutting off her hair when all he did was risk his own life to save hers. More tears slipped down her face as she continued reading.

February 14

Ha Ha! Hey, today I was teasing Kyung Hee in the cafeteria again. She was so mad. She hated it when I called her Macho Man. Is it my fault she looks so much like a guy? Hmm...but underneath all that she was the still same So Kyung Hee that I love. It's so hard telling her how I feel cuz every time we talk, we end up arguing or dissing each other about something. It's Valentine's Day today and I don't even have the guts to give her the dozen roses I have right here. I hope she's not out with some other guy though...

Kyung Hee let out a little laugh. It figured Sung Hoon would write something like that. She flipped the book all the way to the last entry.

July 7

I love camping. Yesterday I was out camping with everyone and the most important of all, Kyung Hee. That stupid jerk Ji Won made me fall into a pit but like always, Kyung Hee was there for me. I don't know what to do without her. We talked about our past together and of course, she reminded me of how I tortured her. Underneath the moonlight, she looked so pretty. I began to realize that my childhood happiness was all because of her. She didn't laugh at me when she found out my fear. And you know what? Since Kyung Hee was down in that dark hole with me I'm not afraid of the dark anymore. But I'm still afraid to admit to Kyung Hee that I love her. What if she rejects me? All I know is that I can't live without her....

Kyung Hee shut the journal. She began to do some thinking of her own. She looked over at Ji Won, who was sleeping. Then she realized it. All her tears and happiness were all because of Sung Hoon. He was the only one who was able to make her laugh or cry. She knew right then she couldn't leave.

"Flight 637 is prepared for take-off."

Sung Hoon watched the plane for Flight 637 take off. He walked away form the fence when the plane was no longer seen. Tears fell down his cheeks as he started to head home. 'It's over.' Sung Hoon got into his car. He leaned against his seat and sighed. 'If we were meant to be together, then Kyung Hee will show up right now.'

"Kang Sung Hoon!"

Sung Hoon sat up instantly. He recognized that voice. "Kyung Hee? Can't be!" He looked up and saw her running towards him. He was so happy he couldn't speak. He got out of his car right away and ran towards her. She ended up in his arms. He spun her around. He gently placed her down and said, "I don't get it! Your plane left already! I mean how?"

Kyung Hee smiled. "I got off the plane before it took off. Ji Won wasn't exactly happy about it but it's okay." Sung Hoon looked at her shyly. "But I thought you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you fell in love with first?" Kyung Hee gazed into the face of the person she knew she wanted to see every day. She leaned over to kiss him. Then she whispered,

"It was you all along."

~*:: The End ::*~


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