Sunday, April 29, 2007

Have you Heard?
poem by cia

Have you heard the song?
The song that would make your heart sing with it?
The song that we used to sing
A long time ago
It used o be our own little song
The song that we both sung
Many many years ago.
Now, it’s no longer our own little song
But it’s a hit all around the world.
Ever since you left me

Have you heard the stories
that we used to write
under that big oak tree?
Now it’s published worldwide.
But alas, your name was not there along with mine.
Have you remembered the crazy stories we invented?
We shared countless hours of laughter
Right now all I hear are praises
That comes from fans
And from critics too
Ever since you left me

You saw the many times that both of us cherished.
Have you heard the laughter?
That comes from our lips.
Have you heard the cry of losing someone else?
Can you still hear in your memories?
The first conversation we had
Or do you just remember the last conversation?
We already took our separated paths…
Yet I still can’t get over you…
Last question will you answer it for me?
Have you ever heard my breaking heart?


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