Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sad and depressed

Well yeah, I have been kinda depressed lately. Explaining it is hard and getting these things out of my chest is hard as if the pain is unimaginable. Just thinking about it honestly is like a stab in the chest. I feel like crying but the tears would not come out. I feel so stupid, I expected to see him but he is already in a different place. A friend to me that his family went to china and left yesterday. He did not even bother to text me. I mean he even promised to see me at church today but when I arrived, he was not there! I only found out that he and his sister already went to china. At that time, I felt really sad because he did not even bother to just let me know about it. I feel so angry and sad but even when I feel that way, will he even come back to the country? No! He will not even go back or even let me know about it or even apologize! I dont even want to think about it but it seems that everywhere I would look, it would still remain. Or worse if I see anything related about him, I could feel the pain resurfacing!


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