Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Second Semester

Second Sem, how do I describe my first day of the second semester? :| I really don't know how to express how I felt as the new semester came up. :| My heart has been too tired but my brain no longer wishes to hear what my heart has to say. Yeah my emotions are going through a series of roller coaster rides for a long time already.


Okay so I will be sharing how this first day went, and since it will be another first day tomorrow- I dont have anything to DO at all well except for read Social Psych which I completely ADORE! <3

First subject- Organic BioChemistry
Yeah you read that right- ORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY!!! And the same place for the lab(oh no... *flashbacks) So technically, while waiting for whom our professors will be, everyone in class (well almost everyone except for some) are screaming on top of their lungs on how long they haven't seen each other. :| It was weird at first but then I know that is how they rock and roll (and I <3 P3 to bits for that). And MY INORG CHEM LAB PROF (the guy) entered with a DIFFERENT Partner (*whew!). So after discussing on a teeny weeny bit of what we are to expect in ORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY, he said that we are unlucky *especially the aspiring med students(which includes me! NOOO!!!!) because the two complicated subjects are merged into ONE BIG COMPLICATED SUBJECT. Great. :| It was 45 mins later when he dismissed us. Okay now for a 2 hour and 15 min break before the next class which is social psych

Break- PART 1
This break actually doesn't exist. but when the classes are suspended early, we get a big break. Luckily, i was learning how to crochet a scarf which gave me something to do within the break. :))

Social Psych! :D I am so happy because our prof here is our FAVE PSYCH Prof. Even if we did have a few bumps with her during first year but now we are great friends. :) And we also got our first book! Which is expensive T_______________T (read:$$$$$$$$)

a 2 hour lab which was finished in less than an hour :( which means hello to another LOOONNNGGG BREAK! :/ I dunno if I really like long breaks or not :|

Break- PART 2
This time, I went to the lib not to sleep but to crochet! I know I had seemingly gotten myself hooked to it. And I dont have anything to do at all! D: So almost 3 hours of break was spent crocheting and sleeping. *I did sleep in the Payungan area :))

another FAST subject since we have the same prof. Then after the attendance he left us and a bunch of seniors asked us to help answer a survey for their thesis... :| Then in the middle of the test, our prof for Psychometrics came and was a bit upset because he wasnt informed. Technically, they informed the wrong prof.

Last subject. Everyone of us was tense because it was our first time to encounter this prof. I'm not mentioning any names, but he was very strict. I guess I can live with it, since I already encountered worse professors. *woops:))

Oh well, I'll stop for now :)) Tata! :)


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