Thursday, November 12, 2009

My second day of the second semester. It's easy to simplify my thoughts this time because the idea of a terror professor has finally sunk in, and I can't choose my professors *BOO!! :(. Okay so Thursday a first day, new professors to meet, new irregular classmates, and long in between breaks.

7am Psychometrics Lab
Psychometrics Lec yesterday has still left a teeny weeny spark of fear in us. A while ago, it gave us a sense of anxiety on whom our professor(s) will be. So we waited and waited and waited until Sister came in. Which made us all heave a sigh of relief, and while she was discussing some of our requirements in class, in goes another prof who is actually her co-professor. It was okay for us because he sometimes proctored our class and he's a cool guy. He's the kind of the father figure, and sister is well the sister figure :)) Since it was only the first day- we got dismissed early which turned our 1 and a half hour break into a 3 hour one.

as usual, I have with me my crochet things, which took a lot of my time during the break. It was also a productive break since me and my classmates had a "panel discussion" which focused on the different topics such as endtimes, back masking, and even politics. LOL!

Organic and Biochemistry Lec is equal to HELL!
Self explanatory

World Lit
a very interesting subject *since I like to read myself* but maybe its the prof's antics that is very interesting :)) I dunno which is funnier. I like her very much except when she said that we will do role plays and stuff. D: and make us even dance!

Okay so with those three subjects I need money to buy the book for chem and for world lit... psychometrics lab will use the same book we use in lec. And i need my books asap so that I can attend their classes. D:

Profs section:
Not mentioning any names. :P But anyway, I guess we have the right balance of terror and lovely professors. 2 terrors: 7 non-terrors :)) more non-terrors yehey! but then the two terrors are overwhelming D: I dont LIKE! D: I think both of them are insane! seriously! D:

Oh well, I just hope the semester turns out well, on the bright side, tomorrow we will only have social psych and mass then I can buy all the books I need and go home... :) okay I think I'll stop here for now, I still have to study social psych.

Ciao! :)


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