Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Well yah it is true that i have not updated this blog for more than a month. Well maybe it is partly my fault since i became a bit lazy in doing this and that. And it is already the second quarter so it means that the school year is in full swing. There are more seatworks, homeworks, quizzes, speech activities and so much more. Oh joy!

Yes in second quarter not everything is what it seems. There are also the times that we have to cope with angry teachers who despise our naughtiness.And then there is also CAT. Now CAT for one is important, but the training there is not as easy as it looks. But then there is also the club meetings every friday, my club which is minstels is fun but there are times I feel pissed off with others especially with the lower batch.

You know what? A while ago, we had a contest. We (seniors) did everything since 1st quarter and the juniors only started 2 weeks ago. Of course purity and solomon won second place but you know what is worse? Sun Yat sen a junior class won first place. Darn those stupid judges! They made us lose because we were noisy! That was the main reason why we never won! They only picked the first three teams to watch and grade properly and then do nothing else. That was how we lost!!! Damn those judges! If they knew what we went through they might understand but they only do what can make others happy. What about us?! We did all that we can but did they notice our efforts no! They must have been lazy lazy lazy to check us out! Argh! I can't take it anymore! this i s too infuriating!!! GRRR!!!!

In CAT after the contest, I mean EXACTLY AFTER THE CONTEST!!! Only less than 20 people includine me are there. I never went down, and I just sat there waiting for CAT to start since we have a quiz. So Ann Valerie , Nerrize, and Sir sanchez came and asked us to form our lines. Since we were so few we only made 2 lines. So when the others came up, those three let us sit on the bleachers, while the late ones lined up. Tsk! An Val was so angry at the outcome of husci so she angrily screamed at them for not even buttoning their shirts! Sir Sanchez gave them a whooping minus 10! While some were excempted (boo them!) we took the test which was easy as pie even though i know i will not get a good grade or even probbably fail, oh well. Whatever.

Now, as I sit here and contemplate of the loss of my class, i cannot help but feel a bit guiltt. Maybe if I joined there, maybe we would have won. Now all i can think is that it was all my fault that we lost the competition. I feel that if I just willed to sing with them, maybe there was a chance we would have snagged even third place. Now I feel hopeless once again. As if everything is against me. Maybe tonight i will sleep, sleep with the words it's all my fault.

This is getting depressing. I'll watch jigoku shoujo instead. And oh yeah, i hate sun yat sen people except, michael, and sarah and elysse. The rest- Grrrr!!!!
haha hopefully no one will nag me for the loss of the class.


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