Friday, July 6, 2007


Today is already July and I can say one very important thing! I will be turning sixteen by the end of this month. Wow! I really cant believe it.

Unit test in july just finished. Yahoo! No more written stuff for a while. But then I still have to take chiese oral exam. Big boo! Then I already recieved my unit test in math which is a bad grade!!! I failed my math exam!!!!!! I finally passed my physics test! Which was a big sigh of relief!!! I was so glad that I passed but I was practically bummed at the sight of my failing test!

Then today was another weird school day. The catch? We had 40 minutes per subject and we will be dismissed at 2:15pm. Good thing- YES! Hard to cope with- DEFINITELY YES!!!

The school had enforced the mandatory clubs. Though I can still join OSAC, we are required to have one interest club. I joined minstrels, which I really wanted to join since I was a third year student.

How can life be wierder? I am positioned between Sharlene and Carmen. Both of them really are attracted to me but I am so against girl-girl relationships. Should I start avoiding them or maybe I should learn to watch my back. *sigh* why am I always surrounded by those two. I dont wanna be with them always. They can be so wierd and sometimes, I would be blamed with them and I am so like screaming noooo!!!! Because my reputation gets ruined with them. Now you know why I really really really wanna be in college.

I hope that by monday, I would already have what I need in Ateneo. I HAVE TO PASS IN A GOOD COLLEGE!!! AS LONG AS I DON'T END UP IN A SCHOOL FOR LAZY RICH PEOPLE!!!


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