Saturday, December 11, 2010

When you felt so alone from your class. That everyone hates you? Yeah, that's what I feel right now. I mean okay there is a problem with me, I'm trying my best to fix that problem so that others wont be affected by that problem.

But no. Instead people decide to butt in with my business and does something drastic and now I'm very much afraid of what lies ahead. I mean okay, it does look distracting and all but they could have been frank with it. I mean really now,you can just say it straight in my face "STOP IT, IT'S DISTRACTING!" I mean I listen to comments and criticisms calmly and I take it in. But instead someone had the guts to do something else.

And now I'm upset. Very very upset. I tried to sleep over it last night but no. I cant sleep well and I'm very much frustrated. I just wish P3 was more considerate. I don't want this to happen in the first place. what's done is done. We are only capable of doing damage control and other measures and that's what we plan to do. I will come out stronger after this... no, not I- WE will come out stronger after this. Strong enough that no one can say anything against us again. for too long I have been considerate and quiet, I don't involve everyone with my problems and all, only my close friends. But those people have gone too far. Too far to be exact. From first year til now, I endured every teasing every rumor in silence because I don't want to be affected by what these people are saying. But it is simply too much... thank you for ruining my day...



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