Wednesday, October 20, 2010

and I'm BORED =|

haha since very few people read this blog (and i love the people who do), here's what's been happening lately :3

I. Exam update
Exams are finally over! Yipee! :D Finally i can say goodbye to the sleepless nights for now, and say hello to a 3 week vacation! <3 The exams though wasn't that easy. o.o Here is a short summary of the exams i took:

Monday: Philippine Literatures and Experimental Psychology Lec
Phil Lit- I guess i don't need to say much on Phil Lit. It wasn't that hard, it's a bit confusing but I know for sure that i'll pass on that subject. I'll definitely miss Sir Pads' discussions even though it can be pretty much boring at times.
Expe Lec- In expe lec on the other hand, the exam was not that easy. I guess it's because Sir B wasn't the one who made the exam, and the prof who made the exam.. well I haven't encountered her yet, so yeaaa.. the exam was kinda confusing o.o

Tuesday: Abnormal Psychology and Industrial-Organizational Psychology
-I still don't understand why these two subjects have to be taken in one day =| I mean come on... from Anxiety Disorders to Schizophrenia D: and then like 5 chapters of IO D:
Ab Psych- yeaa... it's one of my fave subjects during this sem.. studying about mental disorders was fun~ :P but the amount of material to study.. D: dooom! =| well the exam was not that easy but i'm pretty much confident that i can pass the subject :3
IO psych- well i started studying for this subject first compared to Ab psych because well i haven't studied IO that much.. but the exam was okay i guess...

Wednesday: Current Issues in Psychology
- well studying 6 articles is easy, but understanding them is a different story.. and over analyzing can give you a headache O.O the exams are a bit confusing and I'm a bit uncertain if I can pass the subject.. I hope I can pass the subject.. *crosses fingers*

Thursday: Psychodiagnostics Lec and Lab
Diag Lec- yeaa.. I'm scared for this subject as well. it could have been fun but the prof... D: I often worried about this subject o.o I really don't wanna fail this subject... I really studied hard for it o.o The exam was easier or I really did my best :3 haha all the best for diag lec
Diag Lab- LABO! =| ever so malabo =| *crosses fingers* prays to pass

so yeaa that's about it. Grades will be released this friday :-s and I'm scared o.o very much scared o.o

II. Sembreak :3
Almost halfway through the first week of my break and I guess i have been "productive." Since it's my break, it's usually spent in front of the TV and computer games. O.O Luckily, i often go out so there seems to be a balance between the things I'm doing right now.. :)) There are challenges on facebook which are really funny and interesting at the same time. Then yea.. I have been watching some movies some of my friends recommended; unfortunately since I'm a bit of a movie bipolar, i tend to watch until the middle then i would stop watching the movie and do something else.

oh well i'll stop for now :3 borreeeddd D:


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