Saturday, August 15, 2009

Except for the weird jolibee burger feeling in my tummy, I guess I dont feel as sad as I did yesterday. Bipolar much. O.O Maybe I shouldn't take things too seriously. Me and my shallowness. o.o I wont let my "emoness" get the best of me today. I want to have a good day not an emo day. :)

Well for today I'm excited for the fellowship later. I hope I can make and cultivate new relationships with the new comers. :)I also hope that the invisible barrier will be destoyed. :P

It's weird that I dont have much to say these days. Oh well to play or not to play world of goo? :))

Oh wait before I leave my "non-existent" blog, I just wanna share this, yeah I have been playing country story, another playfish game. :) Yeeey Playfish! Although I stopped playing RC, for the time being. :P


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