Monday, April 19, 2010

Summer is here

What else can I say? Its summer again and this summer is flaming HOT HOT HOOOTT!! :)

Okay i'll step back and share what has been happening recently.

2. Family Camp
3. Relatives Coming in
4. Schedules for June

*wheew! long update! I hope I am up for it! :P heehee ;)

1. Grades!
-Grades were released the week after family camp! and all I can say is PRAISE GOD! :) God has been gracious throughout the school year even though my school year ended with a broken friendship. God has been faithful in helping me study for my finals despite my depression over losing a friend.
So here are my grades...

a big WHEW! :)

2. Family Camp
-Family camp is fun fun fun fun fun fun funnnn!! :) This year it was held at Caliraya Recreation Center in Laguna. It was like a 4 hour drive from manila to laguna. Traffic was unpredictable (lol), but getting there was worth it. It was 4 days of fun, hard-hitting messages, games, and weird friends :> weird friends are the best! :> and then i couldn't swim! :( BOO!!! then my roommates are not my family but with friends! YEEY friends! <3 and then, more bonding time with old friends... :) I suddenly wanna go back to camp hihihi ;p

3. Relatives Coming in
-Yep, my aunt is coming back tomorrow. Since she's coming back tomorrow, BOOM! Off goes summer cleaning this morning. It was exhausting!, but at the same time rewarding because one, there are 2 beds in my room and second, shobe's room is finally fixed from all the stuffs XD haha! messy room :P

4. Schedules for June
-June, ACK JUNIOR YEAR! OH MYYY!! How time flies! Next year its gonna be 2011! and 2011 is USTe's 400th Anniversary! Like YEEEEEYYY!!! <3 party party party! :) and i'm very happy because AAA!!! No more 7am classes!! :D whoopppeee!!! <3 I'll post the sched next time, when I feel like it! HAHA!! Yaiii Lazy girl! :))All i can say is that it was like 2nd year 1st sem sched... minus the 7am classes, but then my classes are gonna end pretty late :| aw boo! :( oh well! :))

-Finally! But then I'll start learning how to drive by first week of May. And hopefully I can get my professional license by June. Heehee;p oh well let's just see what will happen after the next few weeks shall we? :P


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